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The Gearzette


- April 05, 2024

Meet Korbinian Engstler, the unassuming social media biking superstar who resides in the picturesque Allgäu region of southern Germany. He fondly describes it as heaven on earth for road and mountain bikers, and it's where you’ll likely catch him shredding through scenic mountain trails or treating himself to a post-ride ice cream session at Lake Constance.​

When his mood calls for a change of scenery, Korbinian pops his bike on the roof and lowers himself into his much-loved Porsche 944, quickly reaching Italy, Austria, and Switzerland from his base; he often takes these spontaneous trips to a nearby pump track for a workout.​

For more extended adventures, Korbinian relies on his classic ‘home away from home’ 1998 Jeep Cherokee, equipped with a Front Runner Roof Tent and ample storage space. Recently, Front Runner had a chat with Korbinian, diving into his passion for bikes, his love for travel, and all the essential gear that accompanies him on these journeys.​

© Korbinian Engstler

Since the age of 12, your life has revolved around riding bikes; what do you love about them? ​

I never had many friends and was a loner; I can count on one hand how many times I’ve been to a nightclub. Alcohol and parties didn’t interest me, and I just wanted to ride my bike and have a good time. If I had stress at school or home, then my bike helped me cope. As soon as I sat on my BMX, all my troubles would melt away.​


© Korbinian Engstler

Today, you ride for your community and social media followers. Why this path?  ​

When I got my first mountain bike from my sponsors, GHOST Bikes, I thought I had to race, even though it didn't suit my lifestyle. Dad drove me to many different races back then, and I did relatively well; after a few seasons of racing, I realized that being 5 seconds faster down a hill than someone else didn't make me happy. ​

So, I stopped racing and just rode for myself; I would upload my biking videos to Instagram. That was five years ago, and my best mate Stefan (now my manager) filmed every video, and I created my biking community. Now, I have a team of videographers and photographers, and we can deliver great content to this community every week. ​

I'm not the most extreme mountain biker, but something about my riding style and content appeals to people; maybe that’s because it's authentic and not pretentious. ​

© Korbinian Engstler

Name the three best places where you have ever ridden your bike.​

Whistler, Canada ​

It’s undoubtedly the best place for mountain biking. The crazy bike park is just next level but still super safe. I also love the Canadian people; they’re always friendly and pumped. I also did my biggest ever jump there, The Train Gap. ​

Sölden, Austria ​

This is my favorite destination in Europe as you get everything from blue lines to black lines, and they’re insanely long; you can ride from top to bottom in just 50 crazy minutes. I also love the small village of Bäckelar Wirt with its excellent food. ​

Cappadocia, Turkey ​

I know this is the classic influencer’s spot, but you can really shred your bike there; they’ve got some crazy freeride lines and some pretty good trails. I’m also a big fan of Turkish food. If you don’t mind early mornings, then you can ride beneath the hundreds of balloons that take to the skies before sunrise.​

© Korbinian Engstler

You and your bike seem one on your YouTube videos; what are you trying to achieve with this footage? ​

Yes, that's almost right; my bike and I are one, and my bike skills are better than my walking skills. Tricks don’t excite me, though. I can do a 360 or no hands, but what I really want to do is ride down hills and make it look as easy as possible.​

© Korbinian Engstler

Are you a man who loves classic cars? ​

The Porsche 944 was and is my absolute dream car. I still have a Jeep Cherokee, and it’s excellent, but the 944 is just remarkable. I purchased it in 2022, and even though I own some classics, I leave the spanner work to the professionals.

© Korbinian Engstler

How does Front Runner gear help you prepare your vehicle for road trips? ​

I’ve got the Front Runner Roof Top Tent on my Jeep’s Slimline II Roof Rack, plus a few Wolf Pack Pro’s. This extra cargo space on the rack is vital as I’ve two bikes in the boot. I can sleep in the roof tent and have all my bike gear in the Wolf Pack Pro boxes. It’s the ultimate set-up. ​

The best thing is you can sleep right on the trails and don't have to travel long distances for sunrise filming like you do when sleeping in a hotel. It's all incredibly uncomplicated, and Front Runner makes my life much easier. ​

​It's the same with the 944 and the roof rack; no one would think of taking the 944 to the bike park, but with the Front Runner Roof Rack and bike mount, it's no problem. You can easily take two bikes with you and arrive at the bike park in style. ​

© Front Runner

What is your favorite bit of Front Runner equipment?​

It’s the Expander Chair; it's incredibly stylish and folds up super small yet surprisingly comfortable. Perfect for any biking trip.  ​

© Korbinian Engstler

We can all ride in beautiful places, but how would you advise people to get great footage of their rides? ​

Buy a GoPro, get outside, and have fun. Drive to the mountains; even if you’re a beginner, turn on your GoPro and go for it. If you ride your bikes in the mountains and get video footage, I’m sure it will always look next level.