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Le Power Pack portable est la solution idéale pour les véhicules modernes qui ne supportent pas une deuxième batterie. Le Power Pack portable est un système de double batterie amovible et est une source d'énergie de réserve.

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Le Power Pack de National Luna est une batterie auxiliaire portable avec 2 connecteurs Quick, 2 prises AC 12v, disjoncteur et protecteur de batterie intégrés.

  • ·        Installation simple.
  • Conception amovible et portable.
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Questions au sujet du produit
What is the recommended method to secure the Portable Power Pack in the bed of a vehicle?
Question by: Jon Grannis
The easily-removable method to secure the Portable Power Pack is to strap it down with a pair of straps to mounting points right next to the base on the floor. The more permanent method is to drill through the bed and through-bolt the box, allowing room for the top to slide off. There are four dimples in the plastic housing to use as a guide for drilling.
Answer by: Front Runner
Can I put an Odyssey 34R-PC1500T battery with reversed poles in the NL PPP?
Question by: Et
The charging, isolating, and monitoring circuitry is designed for standard-polarity batteries, so a reversed-polarity battery might not work in the PPP. The main battery leads inside the box might also be cut to a certain length to accommodate standard batteries. We recommend consulting the manufacturer, National Luna, for confirmation.
Answer by: Front Runner
I want to use the Portable Power Pack in a teardrop trailer, so I can not connect it directly to the car battery. Is it possible to connect it to 12V source from the trailer connector (13 pin EU) (10A) to charge it on the road and then use a 220V charger to charge it while camping?
Question by: Albert
Charging your power pack via the trailer connector will only work about 50%. It would be best to run 16mm (6 AWG) cable from the main battery all the way to the power pack separated at the tow hitch by a high-current-capacity connector (50 Amp Anderson plug). You should also use a 100 Amp inline fuse on the positive cable at the main battery terminal, and at the power pack terminal.
Answer by: Front Runner
Does the power pack have space for an Exide GF12076V gel battery with the following dimensions: 330mm length 171mm width 214mm height of battery cover 236mm height including the terminals Thanks Stanislas
Question by: Stanislas Verdonckt
Yes, the internal dimensions of the battery compartment is 350mm x 185mm x 240mm.
Answer by: Front Runner
Can the NL PPP be connected as the 3rd battery? Connected in line from the the auxiliary battery that is fixed in the vehicle allowing it to charge while driving, but then also run off solar when left at camp?
Question by: Creesen
The National Luna power pack can be connected to the vehicle’s auxiliary battery, keeping in mind that once the solenoid engages, it connects the batteries in parallel and the alternator is put under strain as 3 batteries need to get charged. In almost all cases the battery in the NLPP is a different type than the batteries fitted in the vehicle. Charging different types of batteries inline is not ideal as each battery type reacts differently to charge. The battery will charge and care must be taken not to drain the battery too much as it will take much longer to top up. The grey 50A plug on the side of the electrical panel can be used as a solar input plug. Be sure to connect the regulator to the battery first, via the 50A plug, before connecting the panel on the regulator.
Answer by: Front Runner
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