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Fiat Ducato Roof Racks

Add a roof rack to your Fiat Ducato to improve one of the best vans for heavy loads and bulky cargo even further. Our Fiat Ducato roof rack gives you that bit extra that can make a huge difference.

At Front Runner, we offer vehicle-specific roof racks for your Fiat Ducato van that fit perfectly and is meticulously designed to integrate with the Ducato’s structure seamlessly. Our roof rack will help your business carry that extra load or allow the adventurer in you to store your equipment up top while you make yourself comfortable inside the van.

Invest in a quality Front Runner roof rack made of epoxy powder-coated T6 high-density aluminum, that is custom-made for your vehicle, and see what a game changer it is for your business and your adventures.

Slimpro Van Roof Racks

Fiat Ducato Rack Accessories

Start adding any of our over 55 Front Runner accessories available to your newly installed roof rack and make your Fiat Ducato the envy of all who drive past.

For work, add Fiat Ducato accessories like the Universal Vehicle Ladder, giving you easy access to everything transported up top, and for play, have a look at the Pro Canoe/Kayak/SUP Carrier or the Pro Bike Carrier if you’re a sports enthusiast who wants to get away for the weekend and have some fun. We also have camping accessories and plenty of storage accessories.

With our accessories, you can transform your van from being a work vehicle Monday to Friday, to an adventure vehicle for the weekend, just add the easy-to-install accessories that you need to your roof rack.

All our Front Runner accessories for Fiat Ducato, and general accessories, are made of high-quality materials. They are made to withstand everyday use, and take you on weekend adventures.

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Customize your Front Runner rack with 55+ accessories.
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