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The water storage solution to suit your adventure needs

The water storage solution to suit your adventure needs

- October 18, 2022

Water is a must-have for adventures long and short — from hydration to cooking and cleaning, you should never be without a good supply. Front Runner has a range of storage and transport solutions to make sure you have clean, fresh water at the turn of a tap. Read on to find the water tank to suit your adventure needs.​

© Craig Kolesky

If you’re loading it on your Front Runner Roof Rack 

Not everyone needs big volumes of water. This 20l (5.2 gal) Pro Water Tank from Front Runner is ideal for shorter adventures or when space is at a premium. It has a black powder-coated steel lockable tap and is made from BPA-free, food-grade polyethylene. It is also super easy to unload from the rack and carry around your campsite thanks to its ergonomic design. For those looking for more volume for longer self-sufficient expeditions, opt for the bigger brother in Front Runner’s Pro Water Tank range. It is made from the same BPA-free, food-grade polyethylene and has a 42L (11.1 gal) capacity which means you can stay out longer. Because of its weight (due to volume) you’re going to want to leave it on the rack when in camp, but with the addition of a few smart accessories, such as the Tap Extension Bracket and Hose Kit For Tap Extension Bracket it allows you to extend your tap away from your vehicle to make pouring easier. Both Pro Water Tanks fit neatly on a Front Runner Roof Rack thanks to an off-road tough proprietary Mounting System.​

If you’re going to have it built-in 

Serious expedition vehicle conversions are not complete without a built-in water system. Front Runner offers various vehicle-specific options, such as the Upright Water Tank which is an ultra slim tank with a 40l (10.6gal) capacity. It fits inconspicuously behind the rear seat of your vehicle and was designed to reduce the water sloshing noise in the cab while utilizing space. Similar in design but with a slightly larger volume, the Slanted Water Tank from Front Runner was designed to fit behind the rear seats of various vehicles and can be used in custom storage systems and motorhomes. For bigger SUVs and Double-Cab pickup trucks, the Foot Well Tank is a great option. It is shaped to sit on the vehicle's floor behind the front seats and has a 40l (10.6gal) capacity. If you’re looking to take it to the next level and have a drawer system in your expedition-ready pickup, this Stainless Steel Tank is the ultimate. It features a 52L stainless steel water tank that fits behind the Front Runner pickup drawer system to utilize the concealed space between the back of the drawer and the vehicle to preserve needed cargo space. It features a 12V pump to increase the outlet pressure and flow rate.​

© Philipp Wülfing

When you want to take your shower with you

Hydration and cooking come first on the camping hierarchy of needs, but on longer trips, a good shower becomes more than a luxury. The Turbo Camping Shower Kit makes this easy, it pumps water from a water source (such as the Pro Water Tank) up to a shower using a submersible pump that simply plugs into your 12V plug. The shower comes with 2M of piping and has an adjustable flow. Another camp shower option is the Ortlieb water sack, which holds up to 10l (2.2 Gal) of water. Fill it from a pristine mountain stream and hang it out on the Rack Mount Shower Arm to heat up during the day for a convenient camp shower.​

Read more about what you need to take your Camping Shower experience to the next level here. ​

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Don’t leave home without a good flask, mugs, and tumblers

A good flask is a must-have for everything from making overnight oats to having warm coffee ready for a pitstop. Dometic’s Thermo Tumbler features a robust and corrosive-resistant stainless steel construction which remains cool to the touch but will keep your coffee steaming hot for hours. Add a good travel mug to complete your kit. Dometic has a wide range of mugs and bottles for warm and cold drinks. They are ergonomically designed and fit most vehicle cupholders. Want to brew the perfect outdoor cuppa? Click here to check out our list of must-have accessories.