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- February 21, 2023

A roof rack is the most convenient way to free up space in your vehicle and carry a range of personal kit, camping gear and sports equipment. However, it shouldn’t be a mission to load and unload. Not everyone was blessed with the towering height of a basketball player but fortunately, you don’t need to be 6’10 to access the gear on your roof rack. The same goes for kit stowed way back in the depths of your pickup truck load bay. Here are a few ways to make packing and then finding what you need, easier: ​

© Craig Kolesky & Craig Rhodes-Harrison

1. Step Up​

Adding a ladder to your rig is the most basic way to easily access the gear on your roof rack. Front Runner makes a range of vehicle-specific, bolt-on ladders for everything from micro SUVs such as the Suzuki Jimny to vans such as the Volkswagen T5/T6 Transporter. All ladders are made from high-strength, powder-coated steel. If you prefer the versatility of a portable ladder, Front Runner also has an Aluminium Telescopic Ladder which folds down to be neatly stored away when not in use. By mounting the Telescopic Ladder Support Bracket to the side or rear of your Slimline II Roof RackSlimsport Rack, or Slimpro Rack you can safely use this loose ladder to access the gear on your rack. The pair of brackets prevent it from sliding sideways, offering a safe foothold. It was designed to work with the Front Runner 2.9m Aluminum Telescopic Ladder.​

© Salty Travellers

2. Care to use The Spare?​

The ‘Salty Travellers’ (Monique and Jasper Endersby) swear by Front Runner’s Spare Wheel Tyre Step to access gear on the roof of their Land Cruiser Troopy. The Spare Wheel Step offers a two-step ladder if you have a rear-mounted spare tire. “It is the perfect way for us to safely access our gear on the roof without having to install a permanent ladder. It’s less bulky and we love the versatility of being able to take it on and off when we’re not traveling,” says Monique and Jasper.​

3. Light and Lift​

There are often times when you’ll be loading and offloading in the dark, for those times additional light on your roof rack is an eye opener. Front Runner’s Rack Handle Bracket allows you to have a secure handle from which to reach the gear on your roof and, by attaching the 4.5W LED Rock Light onto Rack Handle Bracket you’ll have extra visibility during those low-light hours.​

© Craig Kolesky

4. Internal Options​

Cargo Slides and Internal Drawer Systems allow you to maximize the storage space inside your vehicle. An internal Drawer System lets you organize your gear, easily access it when needed and have it securely locked away when not. There is a range of specially-designed drawers for a wide range of vehicles (from SUVs to pick-up trucks), all featuring high-strength bearing slides which allow each drawer to extend nearly 100% from the anchored base. To take your drawer organization system to the next level, add the optional steel Drawer Dividers. Cargo Slides create an easily accessible storage platform on which to load coolers, fridges, luggage, gear, boxes, and more. Front Runner has a range of Cargo Slides for various applications and is designed to fit many pickup truck beds and other vehicles.