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The Gearzette


- July 22, 2023

We asked several experienced adventurers and campers to share their one must-have item for any trip. From speakers and blankets to knives and drones, everyone has one thing they can't leave home without.​

© Tara McGovern

Tara McGovern ​

A Front Runner product I always take on a trip is my Stratchits. They are used in the widest variety of ways, from securing things to the rack or inside the vehicle. I once used a Stratchit to secure a broken part on my Jeep. I often joke that Stratchits hold my life together on long overland trips. ​


© Joe Fleming​

Joe Fleming​

Since living in South Africa, I’ve never travelled without my Bose SoundLink speaker. I bought mine in 2015, and it has been all over the world. No matter where I go, I want to make sure I’ve got some tunes for around the campfire or for cranking up Metallica's "Nothing Else Matters" to get everyone up in the morning. ​

© Charlie Keating​

Charlie Keating​

The first thing I grab and can’t leave without is my Nomadix Puffer Blanket. You never know when you will need a blanket to sit on, wrap yourself in, or keep yourself dry. I hate being cold, so I always throw a blanket in my pack before I go anywhere; it always gets used.​

© Patrick Van Valkenburg

Patrick Van Valkenburg

Our Front Runner 40" LED Light Bar always goes on adventures with us because it's mounted neatly to our rack system. In addition, the protective cover can quickly drop down, ensuring the lens stays clean. ​


© Craig Kolesky

Craig Kolesky ​

The first item I pack for any trip is my Everyday Carry (EDC), which contains a few gadgets that I need daily, but the critical one is my Leatherman. I don’t go anywhere without it; it has been the most helpful gadget on my adventures.

© Dale Staples​

Dale Staples​

I always go on a trip with my drone. As a content creator, I’m always searching for new places to visit with my family while capturing the beauty of our surroundings, and a drone does just that. It captures incredible images and videos and can also be used to navigate tricky areas. ​

© Ronny Dahl

Ronny Dahl

I always take my Front Runner Wolf Pack Pro boxes with me. They are designed to be versatile and can be customized to fit any camping gear I need for my short or remote trips. This means I am always ready to go on an adventure without worrying about forgetting essential equipment. I can use the same box in either of my overland vehicles. ​


© Brook James

Brook James ​

My portable battery charger is the one thing I always take on a trip. Not only is it a get-out-of-jail-free card if I have a flat battery, but it also safely charges the battery up instead of giving it a massive power hit like most power packs. I can charge my phones/cameras and laptops from it. ​


© Nick Sidetracked Australia​

Nick Sidetracked Australia​

Tricky question, but since owning our first set, we are never without at least one set of MAXTRAX recovery tracks. Cheap insurance, especially when solo traveling. We store our Maxtrax on our Front Runner Roof Rack for easy access.  ​


© Michael Rupp

Michael Rupp ​

When camping, I always bring my handheld coffee grinder because starting the day with a delicious cup of coffee is a top priority. There's nothing quite like enjoying a hot brew with freshly ground coffee beans surrounded by the sounds and smells of the outdoors. ​

© Emmanuel Speciale​

Emmanuel Speciale​

My Jeep is always ready to go out, and I always have something to eat and drink. I use a Dometic CFX 25 fridge; it can hold a couple of fresh sodas and keep my meat and vegetables fresh. My other essential accessories include the Front Runner Expander Camping Chair, a small table, a floor lamp, and an axe.​

© Nico Panagio

Nico Panagio ​

The Front Runner Roof Top Tent is my favorite piece of camping kit. Setting up the Front Runner Roof Tent is quick and easy; you zip it open and flip it. A tortoise has its shell to crawl into and sleep — I have my Front Runner Roof tent. ​


© Craig Rhodes-Harrison

Craig Rhodes-Harrison ​

My beloved Bialetti. Simple by design but complex in nature, this scuffed old heap of silver metal fuels all our fun. That morning black gold brew is essential when you're on the road, it ensures the days unfold far, comprehensive, and full of adventure.