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- November 04, 2022

​Dale ‘Ducky’ Staples is an ex-pro competitive surfer who has carved a niche for himself as an all-around waterman. Surf, foil, kayak, and fish, the man does it all and needs the right gear to get him there. Ducky hails from the quiet coastal town of St Francis Bay in the Eastern Cape, South Africa but is currently based in Cape Town with his wife and young son. The family is always on a mission to jump in their Front Runner-kitted Land Rover Discovery or Audi A4 Allroad and head out of the city to find the next perfect wave or a secluded beach to kick back. Ducky gave us the rundown on some of his favorite camping spots (no surprise that most are coastal) as well as some invaluable tips on traveling with a young baby. 

© Dale Staples

Roughly how many kilometers have you done in the past year or so? 

We have done a Cape Town to Mozambique and a couple of East- and West Coast trips so at a rough guess I would say around 20 000km. 

© Dale Staples

Do you do a mix of weekend trips and longer expeditions? And how important are those quick weekend missions? 

For sure yes. We mostly do weekend trips and then try to do a couple of longer trips throughout the year. Those weekend adventures are very important to get out of the city rush and disconnect with friends and family.

© Dale Staples

Out of all the spots you’ve ever camped in, what are your 5 favorites?

There are some amazing camping spots out there but I think my favorites must be:​

White Clay, Transkei ​

A simply spectacular spot on South Africa’s beautiful Wild Coast. At certain times of the year, you can have it all to yourself and the setting (perched perfectly at the bottom of towering cliffs) is postcard-worthy. ​

​On the River, Port St John’s ​

What can I say, I have a soft spot for the Wild Coast. Again, here the scenery is epic (the river carves through this massive valley) and the campsite is just pristine.​

Anywhere in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park​

Gosh, the reasons are endless, but the pure wildness and clear night skies of the desert make this a place everyone with a bit of wanderlust needs to experience.​

Secret Spot, Cape West Coast ​

Someone once said the West Coast is like Marmite (South African vegemite-like bread spread) - ‘you either love it, or you hate it…’ I’m in love. Its complete remoteness and the fact that you have to be fully kitted for self-sufficient camping makes it special. The real reason we go though is to wake up to perfect waves with no one else around!​

​Noorwesbaai, Western Cape ​

This spot is not far from our home in Cape Town. There is nothing there so for a quick micro adventure the disconnection is real. Your own private beach as a backdrop is a huge bonus.​

© Dale Staples

What is the biggest challenge you’ve ever had to deal with on an overland trip? 

Fortunately, I haven’t really gotten too stuck but recently had a hiccough losing the Landy’s clutch while in Mozambique. We had to make our way all the way back to a decent mechanic for repairs so that was a bit of a headache. 

© Dale Staples

Can you give us a brief rundown of your Front Runner products on your Landy?

My Front Runner gear makes my life must easier and more organized. Currently, I’ve got:​

​Slimline II Roof Rack​

Easy-Out Awning​

42l Pro Water Tank (with shower kit which is a game changer)​

Pro Kayak carrier​

“40 Light Bar​

4 Cub Pack Draw System​

Fridge Slide​

Spare Wheel Grid​

Spare Wheel ladder​

4x Wolf Packs Pros​


Expander Camping Chairs​

© Dale Staples

Where to next with the Landy?

I’m busy planning a trip to the bush with the family. Other than that I’m always looking out for the next swell to chase up the East or West Coast. 

© Dale Staples

You’ve recently become a dad, any advice for traveling overland with a baby?

Endless snacks and a couple of hidden new toys to whip out every few hours or days! Also definitely plan to make more stops than usual on the drive and – as much as I hate to say it – an iPad with some downloads definitely helps. Once you get to the destinations it’s well worth the headache for the whole family, for sure!