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- November 01, 2022

Packing efficiency starts with a good roof rack system, but tastes and needs differ. At Front Runner, we know that not everyone is a hardcore off-roader who is going to spend weeks off the grid negotiating tough trails and camping self-sufficiently. For many, the ability to get out for a weekend mission or to transport their adventure-sports gear such as mountain bikes and kayaks to the trails or dam is all they’re after. For others, it’s all about the van life and their vehicle choice reflects that. We have the right roof rack for you, with various mounting solutions and accessories available under the three main roof rack platforms.

© Craig Rhodes-Harrison & Feldon Shelters

Slimline II

Designed for more rugged use and those looking for an expedition-ready solution, the Slimline II is vehicle-specific and the full roof rack kit usually contains the Slimline II Tray, Wind Deflector, and Foot Rails. The Slimline II’s lightweight, modular construction gives you the freedom to customize your rig with over 55 accessories so you can gear up for serious adventures. This highly versatile rack is easy to install using the existing factory mounting points of most vehicles and you can upgrade it even further by adding expedition-style side rails. Side rails add extra cargo support without adding too much weight or additional wind resistance. The rail also lets you mount expedition accessories such as the Front Runner Double Jerry Can Holder to the edge of your rack for easy accessibility. There are Slimline II kits for a range of vehicles from SUVs to load bed racks and half-rack options.

© Craig Kolesky


The Slimsport Roof Rack was designed for the adventurer and action-sports enthusiast who doesn’t necessarily need a hardcore expedition rig such as the Slimline II. This low-profile, lightweight, multi-functional rack is highly versatile and provides access to a wide range of Front Runner accessories to transport sports gear such as mountain bikes, kayaks, and surfboards. Its sleek-looking and low profile design makes it a good-looking addition to any vehicle. The Slimsport Roof Rack system features integrated feet that mount into the side rails which creates a lower profile cross-slat and includes a rubber-trimmed wind fairing, for an unobtrusive aesthetic that translates to minimal drag and noise. As with all other Front Runner Roof Racks, its modular construction offers the possibility to customize the rig to suit your lifestyle. In addition, it is also perfect for a roof top tent and other overland gear for shorter trips.

© Andy Donath

Slimpro Van Rack 

The Slimpro Van Rack system is the newest member of the Front Runner Roof Rack family. As the name suggests, this roof rack system offers the van market a rack with multiple options from camping to load-hauling utility.​

The rack was developed as a collaboration project between Front Runner and Dometic, combining Dometic’s strong presence in the mobile living category; and Front Runner’s roof rack design ingenuity. With vans varying wildly in sizes, shapes, and applications, this roof rack was designed to be highly customizable. It features an adjustable slat system to accommodate just about any type of roof-mounted equipment such as air conditioning units, skylights, and air vents and is compatible with most van popular sizes.