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7 Ways to Look Beyond the BBQ/Braai

7 Ways to Look Beyond the BBQ/Braai

- May 17, 2022

Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you cannot whip up a spectacular meal. For most, an open fire is the default camp ‘stove’ and there is something special about preparing food over a smokey fire, but it is not always possible to make an open fire. Oftentimes you are looking for a faster solution anyway, here are some of our favorites as well as a few invaluable cooking vessels.​

© Craig Kolesky

​1. Cobb Premier+ With Griddle and Roast Rack 

The ingenious Cobb is one of the world’s most efficient and versatile portable cooking systems. It heats up quickly and, with the use of just a few Cobb Cobblestones (briquettes), you can fry, roast, grill or bake on top of your Pro Stainless Steel Camp Table. This iteration of the Cobb cooker features a new thicker stainless steel body and dome design that allow for higher cooking temperatures and durability.

© Craig Kolesky

2. Potjie Pot / Dutch Oven ​

A South African icon that has become a global favorite for camp stews, soups and broths. The #3 cast iron pot holds 7.8L / 2.1 Gallons and allows the heat to flow evenly around the sides and maintains liquids at the lowest point to keep them from burning. The lid has a deep lip for holding hot coals which means you can also bake breads and cakes in it. This size #3 Potjie Pot / Dutch oven bolts easily to your Front Runner Rack Tray with the off-road tough bracket.

© Craig Kolesky

3. Box Braai/BBQ Grill

It’s not always possible, safe or legal to make fire on the ground though, so the solid, convenient and easy-to-use Box Braai/BBQ Grill is the answer. It doubles as a grill on which to cook or a firepit for ambience (and warmth!). The neat unit sets up in less than 30 seconds and keeps the fire safely off the ground. Constructed from durable 3CR12 stainless steel, it is corrosion resistant and packs away smartly in a Wolf Pack or Wolf Pack Pro.

© Aggy Ferrari

4. Portable Stove

A portable gas stove opens up a wide range of campsite cooking possibilities, such as whipping up a quick breakfast or a one-pot pasta dish. It can be used on any solid, flat surface such as camp table or Drop Down Tailgate Table. Look out for units that have aluminum burners and a pot stand for durability and ease-of-cleaning.

© Craig Kolesky

5. Jetboil Flash Cooking System​

Leaving base camp before dawn to watch the sunrise from a nearby peak? It won’t be the same if you don’t brew a pot of coffee up there. The Jetboil Flash Cooking System is your go-to. Jetboil is a trusted name when it comes to adventure cooking gear. Their Flash Boil personal cooking system is optimized for efficiency and will boil in 100 seconds, making it the fastest Jetboil ever. Weighing just 371g this compact cooker is ideal for quick dehydrated meals, soups, teas and coffees away from base camp.

6. Sea to Summit 2L X-Pot Kettle​

Multi-use versatility is key in mountains and the Sea to Summit 2L X-Pot Kettle more than just doubles up. Pasta. Dehydrated meals. Coffee. Tea. Porridge. Tick, tick, tick and tick… Made from ultralight, hard-anodised aluminum for maximum heat absorption, the food-grade silicone walls collapse down to a 40mm thick disc, making it both compact and storable.

© John Harrington

7. Flatpack Stove​

The beauty of a twig (flatpack) stove is that it is fueled entirely by organic matter (such as twigs, bark and pine needles) and there is no need to wait for coals to form before you can start cooking, as with an open fire. As the name suggests it also packs away compactly for easy storage.