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7 Things to make family camping more fun

7 Things to make family camping more fun

- May 31, 2022

There are few things as special as introducing kids to the great outdoors and seeing their joy in adventuring. Camping with kids is however a balancing act between fun and hard work. It also comes with a whole lot more packing challenges. Fortunately, we have the gear to make it all smoother. Here are a few of our favorites:

© Craig Kolesky

1. Wolf Pack Pro

Packing can a serious headache when it comes to camping with kids. It doesn’t have to be. The Wolf Pack Pro is a highly versatile, convenient stackable box made from impact-resistant plastic. It features extra-secure latching, which provides extra durability while keeping all your gear and your child’s treasured items safe, dry and clean. Give each child their own storage box to fill up with toys, bug boxes, bird books, magnifying glasses and the like. The list of additional uses keeps growing too, including a baby bath!

© Craig Kolesky

2. Pro Stainless Steel Camp Table

The Pro Stainless Steel Camp Table was engineered to be easily stored underneath most Front Runner Slimline II Roof Racks leaving more space for all the family’s gear on top. This also means that it is easily accessible for a quick roadside picnic to give the kids a break. In camp make this lightweight, sturdy camp table the centre of the ‘home’ much like the dining room table or kitchen counter would be at home.

© Bonafide Moto Co

3. 42l Pro Water Tank with Strap

More busybodies around camp mean more hydration needs, more hungry mouths to feed and more to clean. This Pro Water Tank’s 42L (11.1 gal) capacity means you can stay out longer. It is easily accessible on your roof rack and with the addition of a few handy accessories, such as the Tap Extension Bracket and Hose Kit for Tap Extension Bracket it allows you to extend your water tank tap away from your vehicle to make pouring easier or the whole family.

© Gary Mead

4. Turbo Camping Shower

Hydration and cooking are important, but on the longer trips so is keeping the whole family hygienically clean. The Turbo Camping Shower kit makes this easy and fun. It pumps water from a water source up to a shower using a submersible pump that simply plugs into your 12V plug. The shower comes with 2M of piping and has an adjustable flow making it ideal for all ages.

© David Robins

5. Flip Pop Tent

While adults might prefer a room with a view from a Roof Top Tent, the youngsters will enjoy the adventure in their own ground tent. With the Flip Pop Tent you simply throw it in the air and watch it unfold... What could be a more exciting way for the kids to pitch their own tents? This two-person ground tent quickly folds up flat and fits neatly in a heavy-duty canvas carry bag with carrying straps (which can also be used to secure it on top of or underneath your roof rack). It features insect screens, two mesh side pockets for headlamps, toys and books.

6. Mobile Bunk Bed

If you are pitching bigger ground tents for a longer camping stay, why not consider a camping bunking bed solution to maximize space in the tent. The OZtrail Deluxe Double Bunk bed can be used stacked or as two single stretcher beds. Its sturdy tubular steel frame features safety rails on the top bunk and a powder-coated finish and packs away into its own carry bag.

© PixelRover

7. Sleeping bags

There are few things that can sour a camping experience for the younger (and older) crew than a cold night. Guard against a chilly night by having the correct sleeping bags for the conditions you’re likely to encounter. Make sure to check the Comfort Rating of your bag. This is a fairly universal standard for measuring the lowest temperature a sleeping bag will keep you comfortable. Also, check the ‘season’ rating, most are either three-season, summer or winter.