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The Gearzette


- September 02, 2023

Most people who shop at Front Runner are big fans of camping. They take things like mosquitoes, breakdowns and a bit of rain or snow in their stride, as they have a plan (and the gear) to handle just about everything Mother Nature, their kids, partners and vehicles can throw at them. Vehicle-based camping adventures are much more enjoyable when you enhance both the journey and the destination through simple, yet practical actions. We quizzed some pretty experienced campers and collated a list of their top camping tips: 

© Charlie Keating

Charlie Keating:

One thing I always do is bring my pillow from home when camping. There's nothing like sleeping on your own pillow for a good night's rest. It may take up some extra space, but it makes a huge difference.

© Dale Staples

Dale ‘Ducky’ Staples:

I rely on Wolf Pack Pros to keep my camping gear organized at home and when venturing into the remote wilderness. I firmly believe in using dedicated storage boxes for specific equipment, whether my surf gear, winter camping essentials, kitchen kit, or anything else. This way, I can grab the appropriate Wolf Pack Pro off the shelf and load it onto my Slimline II Roof Rack or drawer system.

© Brooke James

Brook James:

Bring a small 12v power blower is a great camping tip. It's a game changer when you arrive late and must get the fire going quickly. It also helps to get the fire cranking hot in no time.

© Tara McGovern

Tara McGovern:

Chapstick is incredibly versatile when camping. I use it to lubricate zippers that get stuck due to trail dust. I love products that serve multiple purposes.​

© Emmanuel Speciale

Emmanuel Speciale:

I have a routine when arriving at a camping spot. I prioritise positioning myself so I face the sun to recharge my solar panel system connected to the battery. Ensuring my vehicle is level is crucial because nothing is worse than sleeping at an incline or decline. Next, I set up the lighting to create a comfortable environment during the night. I leave the tent deployment for the last, to keep the mosquitos away. Afterwards, I set up Front Runner's table and chairs under the awning and deploy the slider with the Dometic fridge. Finally, I can relax and enjoy my camping experience.

© Nick Wiseman

Nick Wiseman (Sidetracked Australia):

Keep it simple when camping. Get the basics right: a decent chair, a comfortable sleeping arrangement and something to keep the food and drinks cold. Stressing over your camp setup for days before a getaway is not good.

© Craig Rhodes-Harrison

Craig Rhodes-Harrison:

A quick and easy camping hack is using Front Runner’s Foam Dividers. They are versatile and can be used in storage areas such as Wolf Packs, drawer systems, cubby boxes, and Gull Wings. Customizable to fit your specific needs, foam dividers save space, provide protection, reduce rattling, and offer quick and easy access to your belongings. When living out of your vehicle, organization is key to efficiency, allowing you more time to enjoy nature and the surrounding landscapes. 

© Eva Zu Beck

Stan Scrooby:

I absolutely love having a hot shower while camping, and I achieve that with my gas-powered shower and the Front Runner Rack Mounted Shower Cubicle. The only thing to keep in mind is to ensure you have enough water because, inevitably, all your friends will want to use your shower too.

© Alex Shapiro

Alex Shapiro:

If there's one tip I'd give anyone camping, it's to use fairy lights. They provide a gentle, dim light that doesn't strain your eyes in the dark. Plus, they aren't bright enough to attract bugs. I personally love hanging them off my Front Runner Roof Top Tent as they add a lovely ambience to the camping experience. As a bonus tip, always pack a Front Runner Wolf Pack with washing powder. It turns into an epic washing machine, whether on your roof rack, inside your vehicle, or if using it for hand washing when stopping.

© Craig Kolesky

Craig Kolesky:

Have a packing system in place and know what is where for easy and quick access. Play around until your packing system works for your needs. Also important to put things back where they belong and that the crew travelling with you know what lives where.