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- February 17, 2024

Do you want to camp cook like a champ? We can’t all be great cooks, but if you have the right gear (and a decent recipe), there’s no reason you can’t deliver Jamie Oliver-quality meals when camping. Here are the top seven suggested pieces of kit that could help you make the tastiest camp food possible. ​

© Front Runner

Cooking with Gas​

Gas has revolutionised the way we camp. You can stop your car, and a few minutes later, you’ve boiled up some water for a cup of coffee, and you have sizzling bacon and eggs in a pan—all thanks to gas, of course. If you want to boil a kettle or BBQ some steaks, you can’t go wrong with Cadac’s 2 Cook 3 Pro Deluxe or the Safari Chef 30 Compact. Store your gas bottle outside your vehicle using the Gas Bottle Holder.  ​

© Craig Kolesky

Cooking with wood or charcoal​

Sometimes, you don’t want to cook with gas when camping, especially if you have lots of cooking time. Using charcoal or wood to cook takes longer, but it is more fun, especially for the kids who normally like to cook marshmallows over the fire. The BBQ/Fire Pit or Spare Tire Mount Braai/BBQ Grate is the perfect charcoal or wood cooking partner. ​

© Michael Rupp

Right tools ​

Not having the right cooking tools can be frustrating. We’ve all been on camping trips where someone forgot to bring the matches or wine bottle opener. There are ways around this (rubbing two sticks together), but cooking is much easier with the right tools. ​

The one must-have item we recommend is the ever-popular 24-piece Camp Kitchen Utensil Set, which has everything from a cutting board to a spatula to a bottle opener. If you add the Wolf Pack Pro Petromax Kitchen Coffee & Crockery Set and a Wolf Pack Pro Petromax Kitchen Accessory Set into the mix, you have everything you need. If you like stews or curries, then a Potjie Pot/Dutch Oven Carrier is a great addition to any camp cooking set-up. ​

© Lennart Pagel

Table ​

A master chef needs a surface on which to ply his trade. The various Under Rack Table Kits provide a robust, large, sturdy surface to do just that. The regular Expander Table is a good option if you don’t have a roof rack. You can never have enough table surface space, and a Drop Down Tailgate Table, which mounts on the inside of the back door, is a great way to achieve that. With these great options, your table troubles are a thing of the past.

© Craig Kolesky © Front Runner


Camp kitchens run on water and cannot function without a steady, easily accessible supply. It can be used to wash hands, keep you hydrated, make a pot of tea, or clean the dishes.  ​

To ensure you never run out, why not get yourself the Pro Water Tank with Mounting System or the Dometic Go Water Hydration Jug 11L/2.9Gal & Faucet? ​

© Craig Kolesky


You can’t have all the lovely camp cooking gear, but it has to go somewhere. What about all your spices, sauces, and non-perishable food? The dust-resistant and stackable Wolf Pack Pro storage box is the perfect solution. There are Dividers and Flat Packs for them, which will help you organise and secure the goodies within your Wolf Pack Pro.    ​

© Bartek Kolaczkowski © Lennart Pagel

Cooler of sorts ​

What about perishable foodstuffs such as cheese, milk, fish and meat? The most excellent powered coolers on the market are the Dometic CFX3 range, which comes in various sizes. Dometic also has a great range of tough Patrol Ice Boxes to keep your drinks or perishables cool for days. It’ll be the best investment you ever make.