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Land Rover Discovery 3/4 LR3/LR4 Drawer Kit - by Front Runner

Land Rover Discovery 3/4 LR3/LR4 Drawer Kit - by Front Runner

excl. TAX, ex-works
Product Code: SSLD004

Make storing and organizing gear and valuables a no-brainer. These 2 lockable drawers with fitted deck and faceplates have been designed specifically for the Land Rover Discovery LR3 and LR4. Hide contents from prying eyes while creating more usable and easily accessible storage space in your vehicle. Engineered tough for both on and off-road travel.

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This drawer kit has 2 lockable drawers, 2 keys per lock, 3 tie down rails, 6 tie down rings, deck completion set, face completion set, brackets, all necessary installation hardware, and detailed fitment instructions.

  • 113kg / 250 lb per drawer load carrying capacity.
  • High-strength bearing slides allows each drawer to extend nearly 100% from the anchored base.
  • Provide peace of mind and security by locking away important travel items such as computers, smart phones and camera gear.
  • The flat deck incorporates three cargo attachment channels and 6 Black Tie Down Rings - by Front Runner.
  • Customize your own storage configurations. Stack and secure luggage, Wolf Pack - by Front Runner, Cub Pack - by Front Runner, aluminum boxes and other storage containers to the top deck using Stratchits - by Front Runner or other straps.
  • The deck above the drawers can also be used to mount Front Runner Cargo / Fridge Slides.
  • The side decks are easily removable creating storage space between the drawers and vehicle for a variety of items such as tools, jumper cables, tow ropes, diving snorkels, masks, fins, kindling, barbeque skewers, etc.
  • To create a removable box option, use Cub Pack - by Front Runner or Flat Pack - by Front Runner inside the drawers. The Cub Pack - by Front Runner or Flat Pack - by Front Runner can be used to further organize and easily move gear in and out of a vehicle.
  • To create compartments within the drawers, add the optional steel Drawer Dividers - by Front Runner. Helps organize and stop excessive movement of gear and supplies. Sold in pairs, these drawers can accommodate up to 4 dividers per drawer.
  • The deck is covered with a durable, UV resistant nylon pile black carpet detailed to complement the vehicle’s interior contours.
  • The nylon carpet surface creates resiliency for securing cargo while insulating against noise and vibration.
  • Finished with the same durable black powder coating as Front Runner Roof Racks and other Front Runner products.
  • This drawer kit can be easily installed in minutes by attaching the supplied carabiners and turnbuckles to the vehicle’s existing mounting points and the drawer mounting brackets. Removing the drawers is just as easy.

The LAND ROVER DISCOVERY LR3 AND LR4 DRAWER KIT allows access to the spare wheel winder through an access "port" in the top deck. There is no need to remove the drawers to lower the spare.

All Front Runner Storage Systems are backed by a 2 year warranty.

*Please Note: Cub Packs, Flat Packs and Drawer Dividers are not included when purchasing this Drawer System and are sold separately.

Consists of:
1 x Front Runner Drawer unit (SSDR002)
1 x Land Rover Discovery LR3 & LR4 Drawer Deck Completion Set
2 x Push to Close latch with 2 keys per lock
3 x Accessory Channels
6 x Eye Nuts for Accessory Channel
1 x T Wrench with 2 custom sockets for wheel winder
Installation Hardware including 4 turnbuckles to secure unit to vehicle
Fitting Instruction

Materials used:
Aluminum - Accessory Channels & Sub Frame
Black powder coated steel - Drawer Bins & Frame
Carpet & Laminated plywood - Top Deck & Deck Set

Product Dimensions:
972mm (38.3") L x 1230mm (48.4") W x 328mm (12.9") H

1896mm (74.7") L x 1230mm (48.4") W x 328mm (12.9") H

Interior Drawer Dimensions:
Left Hand Drawer:
914mm (36") L x 461mm (18.2") W x 208mm (8.2") H

Right Hand Drawer:
914mm (36") L x 373mm (14.7") W x 208mm (8.2") H

80.3Kg (177lbs)

Load Rating:
113Kg (250lbs) per Drawer

Special Notes:
Supplied with a T-wrench and 2 custom sockets for operating the wheel winder through the drawer system.

Product Questions

We have a Disco 4 , can I fit a Drawer kit with a 90lt fridge slide out .Height of fridge is 328mm
Our drawer height is 335mm once installed. That leaves 610mm open height, between deck of drawer on the door.
The 90l National Luna fridge is 535mm high, so it will fit but you will not be able to fully open the fridge door.
Answer by Front Runner
Hi there,
Is it possible to install this drawer kit into a Discovery 3 that has the manufacturer's dog/load guard installed ?
Question by Kevin Parker
If the dog guard mesh stops at the top of the rear seats, the drawer will fit. It might be a problem if the guard mesh goes to the floor. You could always customize the mesh around the drawer but customizations are out of our hands.
Answer by Front Runner
Hi, I've got this product and I wonder whether the Cub Pack and Wolf Pack boxes will really fit the asymmetrical drawer design used in the Discovery 4 (SSLD004).
Same with the Drawer dividers, btw. Can you enlighten me?
Question by Thorsten
Our Cub Packs and Wolf Packs are not recommended for our drawers systems as the bolts in the drawer that holds the slides get in the way. Our Drawer dividers (SSCA050) are adjustable and will work with Product SSLD004. The Cub and Wolf Packs are always a nice addition to the roof rack though!
Answer by Front Runner
Hi .
Does the drawer fit with the water tank WTAN037 on the back ?
Is it planned also for this option ?
Is there enough space in the trunk to fit both ?

Thanks in advice .
Leonardo .
Question by Leonardo
The combination of drawer and water tank is more applicable to pick up vehicles. The drawer alone in the Discovery takes up the complete boot space.
Answer by Front Runner
how do you access the spare wheel?
Question by Gerald Dumasal
The draw kit has a cut out to access the spare wheel rod, an extension piece is included in the draw kit.
Answer by Front Runner
Can you fit a fridge slide on top of the drawer system?
Question by Kevin Hellon
Yes, the top of the drawer system is carpeted wood, so it is easy enough to attach. Although you may want to double check the specs for measurements to make sure a fridge will fit on the slide in the space behind the seats - considering the seats angle back.
Answer by Front Runner

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excl. TAX, ex-works

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