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Tire Inflator Sealant

​Mends and re-inflates punctured tyres instantly without a wheel change.
Can be used on tube and tubeless tires.
One can is sufficient for one average wheel repair.

Product Questions

Are there any restrictions on how far and how fast you can travel on a mended tyre?
Question by Chris
Mending a tire should only be seen as an emergency to get to a place to replace the tire. It’s never a good idea to travel fast with a mended tire. If you only use one plug on the tread, you can use the tire as normal, but when you mend the tire on the sidewall, or where the sidewall meets the tread, that should be seen as unsafe.
Answer by Front Runner
What shelf life (lifespan) can one expect this product to still perform it's function effectively ?
Question by Ian Rae
It has a one year shelf life and must then be replaced.
Answer by Front Runner

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