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Dometic CFX3 Portable Fridge / Freezers

Fuel your adventure with colder drinks, fresher good and less waste than ever before with Dometic's CFX3 series. The CFX3 is the latest portable refrigerator line from Dometic and offers a range of high-tech fridge/freezer sizes to suit all types of adventure needs.

CFX3 Product Features

  • Heavy-duty yet lightweight ExoFrame construction.
  • Lightweight thermoformed plastic shell for protection, combined with structural insulation for tough outdoor conditions.
  • These fridge/freezers also feature durable fender frames and all alloy hinges that protect the edges of the fridge/freezer, so it can endure the knocks and bumps of your off-road adventures.
  • Aluminium handles are spring loaded, comfortable grip and solid anchors for tie down straps.
Make the most of your CFX3 and keep things chilled wherever you go
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