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DIY Split Charge System Kit - by National Luna

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The National Luna DIY kit is a collection of all the parts you will need to complete a typical dual-battery installation (excluding battery). The kit includes cable, lugs, screws and other parts which are typically used in dual-battery systems. A full instruction booklet is included in the kit for easy reference.
Simple installation includes:
  • Dual-battery isolator (Intelligent solenoid)
  • Dual battery controller
  • 12-metres heavy-duty cable
  • In-line power fuses
  • Accessory fuse
  • Cable lugs
  • Battery terminals
  • Screws
  • Cable ties
  • Instruction manual
Consists of:
Dual-battery isolator (Intelligent solenoid)
Dual battery controller (monitor)
12-metres heavy-duty cable
In-line power fuses
Accessory fuse
Cable lugs
Battery terminals
Cable ties
Instruction manual
Product dimensions:
Solenoid: L 128mm (5") x W 113mm (4.5") x H 70mm (2.8")
Dual Battery Controller: L 107mm (4.2") x W 48mm (1.9") x H 20mm (0.8")
4kg (8.8lbs)

*A PDF viewer is required to view the fitting instructions.

Product Questions

If I have a winch connected to my main battery will this damage the National Luna DIY Split Charge System Kit?
Question by Tad Hylkema
No, having a winch or any other load on your batteries should not affect the National Luna Split Charge System (ECOM028). This system is designed to charge each battery safely and isolate them if you choose. There are many ways to configure electrical systems, so you should consult the National Luna instruction manual and ensure all systems are installed correctly.
Answer by Front Runner
Will this work with a 125 Amp alternator in a Mercedes G-Wagon ?
Question by wouter
Absolutely! Our National Luna Dual Battery Kit will work in you Mercedes G-Wagen.
Answer by Front Runner
I have a Genesyz split charger and it worked with 2 matching batteries. Will the National Luna system work with 13v?
Question by Chris Mutton
The National Luna system will work because it's only an isolating switch that works automatically.
Answer by Front Runner
Can I use a heavier gauge wire if I wanted to place the auxiliary battery in the bed of a truck. In an enclosure?
Question by Robert
Absolutely! It never hurts to use thicker gauge wiring for longer wire runs, but the wiring with the kit would work as well.
Answer by Front Runner
Any issues with using this to charge dissimilar batteries? My plan is using an AGM as secondary and retaining my lead-acid for starting.
Question by Jeff Wetherill
Sounds like a good plan! Yes, that will work.
Answer by Front Runner
the "Dual battery controller (monitor)" in your product description is monitor or controller ? In the installation guide it is mentioned "controller" and not "monitor".
Do I need to buy the "controller" in addition? to use the over-ride function
Question by Ludo01170
The controller also serves as a monitor, but with the extra jump start/winch override functions. This is included in the DIY kit.
Answer by Front Runner
I have purchased this and ready to install but now I am concerned as it says it pushes out 85 Amps continous.
My battery in the boot I have to run my camping fridge whilst travelling to campsite is a 28aH Lead Crystal. Once at campsite I switch over to my 280aH battery in the trailer with 4 solar panels. Will my battery be damaged giving it 85 amps continously?
Question by Chucky
The battery will not be able to accept 85A of charge, so even though the solenoid is rated at 85A and the alternator charges at 80 or 90A, it will not damage the battery as the auxiliary batteries have internal resistance.
Answer by Front Runner
Can it be used with 2011 escalade
Question by John Riddle
Yes. The DIY Split Charge System Kit (ECOM028) is a universal kit and should work just fine with your 2011 Escalade. If you have any further questions please feel free to give us a call.
Answer by Front Runner
Can the kit be used to install a deep cycle battery for a fridge in a trailer? (to charge off the vehicle)
Question by Chris
Yes, the National Luna DIY kit can be used as a universal dual battery solution, and will work for the fridge in a trailer.
Answer by Front Runner
What gage wire does it come with
Question by Vicor
The kit comes with 16mm power wire, which I believe converts to about 5 AWG
Answer by Front Runner
Do you honor the National Luna Warranty?
Question by MUD THUMPER
We do. Up to 3 years. You can find the details here:
Answer by Front Runner
what is your warranty on this?
Question by MUDHUGGER3
Hey Mudhugger - We honor all original manufacturer warranties. In the case of National Luna THREE YEARS on any defective parts.
Answer by Front Runner
What Gauge wire is in this kit?
Question by Eissiendraken
The kit includes 16mm cables, which is approx 6 gauge.
Answer by Front Runner
Do you offer this with the new recessed controller option?
Question by KP
We don't currently carry this product. Our product line on our web store represents our current inventory.
Answer by Front Runner

Customer Reviews

excellent product Review by osiel
this thing is so easy to install i have to give it 5 stars. its amazing how convenient it was. best upgrade ever. (Posted on 30/12/2017)

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