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No Load Bars for your vehicle listed here? Please contact us.

We offer 6 different width Load Bars with 3 different mounting systems so it is likely we can put together a solution that works for your vehicle.
KR0001 - No Load Bars Listed Here? Please Contact Us.

Consisting of:

1 x KR0001 - Phantom Load Bar Kit (Web site)

Single Load Bar Dimensions:

Width 0mm (0")
Length 0mm (0")
Height 0mm (0")

Approximate Installed Weight 0kg (0lbs)

To determine the approximate height from your vehicle’s roof to the top of your Slimline II Roof Rack, add the height of the Slimline II Tray (50mm/ 2") to the height of the foot listed above. If your kit uses Legs, adding the height of the Slimline II Tray to the height of the Legs will determine the height of the rack from your vehicle’s rain gutters.

Product Questions

Hi there,
I am looking for a solution to mount a hard shell RTT. Vehicle is a 2004 Land Cruiser. I'm fine utilizing the existing side rails of the factory rack but need to upgrade to stronger crossbars. I would also be open to replacing the factory rack with a set of load bars that replace it completely. Not interested in a full roof rack. Let me know what you have that might work. Thanks.
Chris P.
Denver, CO
Question by Chris Patrick
We do have a solution for you! It would utilize our roof rails as mounting points to replace the factory rack. Instead of a full tray we'd provide you with a few slats, making it a sturdy load bar kit. Give us a call at (818)253-1322 for more info and a quote. Thanks!
Answer by Front Runner

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