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Top 5 Family Camping Trip Essentials

Top 5 Family Camping Trip Essentials

- September 18, 2019


Trying to cram all the essentials for a family camping trip in your vehicle can be its own unique art form. Unless you already have the 10,000 practice hours in for this specialized skill set, it can be extremely frustrating.

Front Runner eliminates the frustration with storage solutions and gear that can easily be strapped onto your Slimline II Roof Rack. In the end, you?ll have access to more space inside your vehicle. After all, 16-year-old Timmy is a growing boy who complains about legroom, but we got you Timmy. We'll patiently be waiting for your thank you letter.

While we're waiting on Timmy, here?s our top 5 essentials for a family camping trip that will save you space and make your trip as smooth as butter; even though the road traveled may be as rugged as Nick Nolte?s mugshot.


Not to brag... okay maybe a little, but our roof top tent is one of the lightest in the market, weighing only 43kgs/93lbs. It?s not only light, but it's also easy to set up- opening in one smooth motion for an instant bedroom in the sky. The tent comfortably fits 2 people (and maybe a doggo) and comes with a thick comfy mattress and ladder.

Did we mention the tent can be used in the rain, or used without the rain skirt, and that the tent cover is durable for extreme conditions? Now you know.

If you wanted to make your life even easier, add the Quick Release Tent Mount Kit. It works with most roof top tents and lets you mount or remove your tent in seconds. Simply release the tabs on the 4 latches and lift the tent away for storage.

For the full details on this sweet number click here.


We like challenges, but fitting a table in a car isn?t one of them. Our Pro Stainless Camp Table can fit snuggly under the Slimline II Roof Rack. It's like it goes into stealth mode until you need it. You might even forget it?s there because it?s also rattle-free. Front Runner tables are lightweight and sturdy, so if you didn?t know what an oxymoron was, there?s an example for ya.

For the full details on this honey sauce click here.


Stay hydrated with our 45L/11.9 gal capacity water tank. Made of food-grade, BPA-free polyethylene, this tank has brass pipe fittings to be used with our premium water tank hose. It mounts to the roof rack and like everything we make, it's built strong and off-road tough. It?s a perfect option when space is at a premium.

For the full details on this little hummingbird click here.


One of the best things about the Braai/BBQ Grate is that it hooks over your spare wheel and takes up virtually no space. If you were wondering, it fits over 29? to 35? tires. This stainless steel grill on aluminum legs is the perfect cooking option especially if you are going out into the unknown.

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After a long adventurous day, doesn?t sitting down in a comfy chair with an ice-cold beer sound good? Yeah, we thought so too. Our Expander Camping Chairs not only allow for sitting, that part isn?t revolutionary, but we?ve upped it by making it collapse into 1/16 it?s expanded size. That?s the size of a laptop case. Yep, that?s not a typo. I?ll say it again, the size of a laptop case. So no matter how many snacks Timmy brings , you?ll still have room so you can enjoy that ice-cold beer at the end of the day.

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Contact us if you have any questions. We are one of the few companies left where you'll actually talk to a human to help you with any questions.  We hope to get you on the road, or off-road, however you prefer to travel. So pack up your essentials for a family camping trip and get roaming because that?s what we were born to do?.. and Timmy, we are still waiting on that thank you letter.