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- December 14, 2022

What a year it has been! As we gear up for an exciting 2023, we look back at the thousands of miles our collaborators drove off-road and the many nights they spent gazing up at the wilderness moon somewhere remote. They undertook some epic trips to amazing locations and while many of the GPX files are in the public domain you just know some campsite co-ordinates are filed away in secret folders. As they should be! Along the way, they put some nifty new products through their paces and filled their camera cards (and souls) with countless memories.​

Through the Find Anywhere series, our collaborators shared those memories and moments with millions of viewers. Those episodes hopefully inspired you to get out to enjoy as well as protect the wilderness. Let's take a little drive back through the archives to reflect. Enjoy the ride:​

© Craig Kolesky

First, we took to the mountains: From searching for elusive rainbow trout in the remote freestone streams of the Western Cape in South Africa with Al Saville to skiing big off-piste runs with professional freeskier, Corey Seeman in Montana.​

© Justin Kauffman

Corey seems to have a never-ending list of projects and his Subaru Outback Wilderness Edition, which kitted with a range of purpose-built Front Runner gear, helps him achieve those big mountain goals. Then we headed into the flatlands of the spectacular desert region of Namibia with South African adventure sports photographer, Craig Kolesky and some friends. Kolesky has been traveling north of the South African border since 2005 and has lost count of his Namibian passport stamps, yet is drawn back by the scenery and spectacular light, year after year. ​

© Craig Rhodes-Harrison

Much like Kolesky, Meg Haywood Sullivan epitomizes the urban-to-adventure cross-over so many city folks yearn for today. Meg is a sustainability strategist and third-generation creative focused on telling powerful stories. We rode along as she gave us a beautiful visual glimpse into the dreamy surf spots, misty peaks, and redwood valleys north of The San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California.​

© Perry Gershkow

Then we hopped across the Atlantic and spent some time with German/Italian wildlife photographer Alessandro Sgro camping self-sufficiently in the Carpathian Mountains out of his fully rigged Land Rover Defender. Alessandro has dedicated his life to bringing people closer to nature through his imagery, and the iconic mountain wilderness of Poland is where he gets some of his best images. ​

© Allessandro Sgro

“It is one of the few wild places left where you as a human feel tiny and fragile,” he says. “The number of different animal species you can find is simply amazing. From my favorite, the Eurasian wolf, to the European brown bear, Eurasian lynx, European bison, Red Deer, and many different bird species, including owls… the list goes on.” ​

We couldn’t have said it better and we hope to continue ticking off the list in 2023 with our collaborators. And with you! Many spots on the map are still free of the proverbial pins and we’re plotting new routes while making plans to revisit old favorites. ​

What have you got planned for 2023? We can’t wait to share the journey with you.