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- August 30, 2022

Overlanders, trekkers, mountain-bikers, and trail runners all have one thing in common: They know coffee tastes better when brewed out in the wild, way beyond the far hills. For many, it is as much a ritual as functional caffeine fuel for the body. Of course, getting the right gear and coffee grinds to those remote adventure spots (and then brewing a proper cuppa) takes some doing. Those who have been doing it for years – who take it seriously – have got it dialed close to art. Read on to learn more about their gear.

© Craig Kolesky

1. Storage​

Your coffee ritual should not be a mission. There shouldn’t be any rummaging around to find the grind and then looking for the Mocha Pot, only to realize you misplaced your mug after the last cup. Store all your coffee-making paraphernalia conveniently, neatly, and safely in a Java-dedicated Front Runner Wolf Pack Pro with Storage Box Foam Dividers. The Wolf Pack Pro is water and dustproof, which means your grind will stay fresh, while the foam storage dividers provide extra protection for fragile items such as glass French Presses and ceramic mugs.

© Craig Rhodes-Harrison

2. Mobile heat​

Leaving base camp before dawn for a sunrise cuppa on a nearby peak? The Jetboil Flash Cooking System is your go-to. Jetboil is a trusted name when it comes to adventure cooking gear. Their Flash Boil Personal Cooking System is optimized for efficiency and will boil in 100 seconds, making it the fastest Jetboil ever. Weighing just 371g this compact cooker is ideal for a Mocha Pot brew.​

© Meg Haywood-Sullivan

​3. Fire​

Having the option of a quick brew on a gas cooker – such as the Jetboil, or a bigger system if you’re in camp – is great, but there is also something special about slower brew done over an open fire. Front Runner’s BBQ/Fire Pit & Wolf Pack Pro Kit is the ideal solution. The BBQ/Fire Pit’s raised design keeps the fire safely off the ground while providing efficient heat, while the grill offers a solid surface for your camp kettle. Once done the grill folds down and fits perfectly within the Wolf Pack Pro for easy transportation. 

© Expedition Rove

4. Instant working surface

You need a solid workspace to prep and brew your coffee, whether in camp or on a quick pitstop mid-road trip. Front Runner’s Dropdown Tailgate Table mounts to the rear swing door of a range of vehicles and trailers. It stores out of the way and quickly offers a sturdy countertop on which to unleash your inner bush barista. Aside from the black powder-coated steel table top it also features a wooden extendable work surface.

© Dometic

5. Coffee flask​

If you are more of a pre-mixed coffee person and like to enjoy it on the go, a good flask is a must-have. The Dometic Thermal Bottle features stainless steel carefully selected to ensure its longevity, easy cleaning and a high level of hygiene, which remains cool to the touch but will keep your coffee steaming hot for many hours. Add a good travel mug to complete your kit – the Dometic 20 oz Thermo Tumbler is perfectly-sized for most vehicle cupholders, and the plastic lid has a splash resistant press-fit function to avoid big spill.