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- September 06, 2022

If you’re a cyclist you live to ride your bike, but you know that sometimes driving to the rendezvous spot for the dawn road bike group ride, or out to the mountain bike trailhead is all part of the cycling lifestyle. Then there are those weekends away for training or events and all the planning and packing that go with them.  ​

Read on to learn how to make transporting your cycling kit as smooth as your ‘souplesse.’ (That’s French for ‘perfect pedal stroke’ if you want to impress your mates on the next ride). Front Runner has a variety of bike rack mounts and cycling-kit storage options for all cyclists, from roadies and e-bike weekend warriors to gravel racers and hardcore mountain bikers:​

Pack on top not inside

Transporting your bike inside your car is a major hassle — it usually requires taking at least one of the wheels and then carefully stacking your precious carbon fiber frame and wheels without scratching. Rear-mounted bike racks are a good option for smaller vehicles, but they come with their own challenges and limitations. If you drive an SUV or pickup truck, a roof rack (or load bed rack) is the way to go to free up space inside your vehicle and convenient access to your bike. Front Runner has a range of roof racks to suit your vehicle and your lifestyle. For most urban cyclists the Slimsport Roof Rack is a great choice as it was designed for this who don’t necessarily need a hardcore expedition rig. This low-profile, lightweight, multi-functional rack is highly versatile and provides access to a wide range of Front Runner accessories (cycling and other) to suit your riding style. Its sleek-looking design makes it a fuel-efficient as well as a good-looking addition to any vehicle.​

© Craig Rhodes-Harrison

Get the bike rack for you

There are almost as many types of bike racks on the market as there are eyewear lens colorways. The experienced riders will tell you to get a bicycle rack that suits your bike. But then – if you’re newish to cycling – they will also warn you of the ’N + 1’ rule that exists in cycling — the right amount of bikes to own is always one more… That means you need to look for versatility in a rack, one which can transport a range of bikes. Front Runner’s Pro Bike Carrier ticks all of those boxes. It mounts easily to the Slimsport Roof Rack and fits all bikes from road, gravel, and mountain bikes to e-bikes, and fat bikes. It is also super easy to use, featuring a front-wheel clamp and rear-wheel ratcheting strap that were both designed for zero contact between the carrier and your beloved steed. 

If you drive a pick-up and you’re that mountain biker who has too much gear (and toys) on their truck that you don’t even have enough space on your roof rack for your bicycle, then the Load Bed Rack Side Mount for Bike Carrier is the best bike rack for you. This bicycle rack is specifically designed to help you maximize space on your Load Bed Rack by mounting it to the side. For mountain bikers looking for a super secure mount to tackle tough off-road conditions, Front Runner’s all-steel Thru Axle Bike Carrier was designed for you.​

© Craig Rhodes-Harrison

Store and transport it all

Have you ever arrived at your ride or race and realized you’d left your sunscreen or eyewear at home? Or worse, helmet or shoes? Of course you have, we’ve all had that happen to us. The solution is to have a portable storage system that neatly houses all your gear items, at home and in the car. ​

Front Runner’s Wolf Pack Pro is the ultimate storage box to organize all your kit. These plastic storage bins feature an ultra-secure latching lid, they fit neatly on your roof rack and are stackable which means they’ll pack neatly in your garage too. For fragile gear such as eyewear and bike computers, line your Wolf Pack Pro with Front Runner’s Storage Box Foam Dividers. ​

To transport bike tools such as multi-tools, wrenches, chain lube, CO2 cartridges, spare tubes, and the like build yourself a portable cycling toolbox with the Wolf Pack Pro’s smaller brother, the Cub Pack. These plastic, compact-sized storage boxes are easy to arrange in a cargo bed or on your roof rack and have integrated grips for easy carrying. ​

For your riding kit, the Typhoon Bag from Front Runner is a game changer. This heavy-duty duffel is 100% water and dustproof and can load on the roof rack. You can organize your gear inside it by adding Flat Pack storage containers. The Flat Pack features adjustable vinyl-lined compartments, two mesh storage pockets, and one zippered water-resistant storage pocket.​

© Craig Rhodes-Harrison


To make sure you’re never without water for your hydration packs and water bottles mount the Pro Water Tank from Front Runner on your roof rack. This 20l tank is made of food-grade polyethylene and is BPA-free. Add the Pro Water Tank Tap for ease of use.​


We live in an age where nearly every system on a bike is electronic - from computers and shifters to dropper posts. Charge all of those units as well as sports watches and your backup e-bike battery with the Dometic PLB40 Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate battery. It delivers high levels of mobile power – up to 40 hours – on a single charge. It is highly portable and a great option if you’re going to a race for the weekend.