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Our year of adventures

Our year of adventures

- December 10, 2021

They say that to have an idea of where you’re going you need to know where you’ve been. It's a philosophical notion to be sure, but if you think about it, it can be applied quite directly to travel too. As things started opening up through 2021 our collaborators took every possible opportunity to empty their tanks and fill their camera cards (and souls) with countless memories.

© Eyeforce

Along the way they put some great new products through their paces. Through the Find Anywhere series our collaborators took millions of viewers to wild places when they themselves could possibly not travel due to lockdown restrictions. More of the same in 2022? You bet! And then some… But first, let’s make a U-turn and take a little drive back through the archives. ​

© Mason Prendergast & © Craig Kolesky

From the Pacific Northwest, USA in early 2021 where Mason Prendergast showed us all the best spots, we went on surfari along the West Coast of Africa with Big Wave surfer Frank Solomon and surf photographer Sacha Specker as they searched the desolate coast for the perfect wave.

© Justin Kauffman & © David Steca

From Big Waves and secret beaches we went up into thin air in the USA as Conor Koch displayed his passion for climbing, looking for new routes in his backyard of the Eastern Sierras. Then we took a breath and slowed things down, connecting with David Steca in Pfalz, Germany, who, as a filmmaker, traveler and self-proclaimed 'car enthusiast on a budget’ took us on a journey with his Porsche 924 build. We finished the year off with a family road trip with a difference, where ocean conservationist and 11-time record holding freediver Hanli Prinsloo and her family went in search of their Anywhere, finding it off the shores of the world’s most remote beaches.

© Eyeforce

Many spots on the map are still free of the proverbial pins and we’re plotting the routes with our collaborators. Looking ahead to 2022 we have some epic adventures lined up… from capturing moments in the magical desert of Namibia and skiing in fresh powder in Whitefish, Montana, to tracking bears and wolves in Poland and fly-fishing the freestone streams of the Western Cape in South Africa. What have you got planned for 2022? We can’t wait to share the journey with you.