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- January 24, 2023

Front Runner has a range of roof racks ideally suited to cyclists. For many, the Slimsport Roof Rack is a great choice as it was designed for those who don’t necessarily need a hardcore expedition rig, while the Slimline II is more rugged and heavy-duty. The entire roof rack range is designed to be lightweight and modular which means you can add a variety of Front Runner accessories (cycling and other) to suit your riding style. Read on to learn more about the most efficient way of packing your roof rack for cycling

© Craig Rhodes-Harrison

Know your height limitations

We know of various riders who use different methods to remind themselves that they do actually have a bike on a bicycle rack on the roof. Some hang things from the rearview mirror, while others put peel-off stickers on their side-mirrors or back windows to ensure they don’t drive into an underground parking or under a low hanging bridge with their precious carbon fiber steed on the roof.

© Andy Donath

Configure your Wolf Pack Pros as you would your hydration pack

The first rule of packing a cycling hydration pack, or even just the pockets on your riding jersey, is to always put the same things in the same place. This way when you’re looking for your multitool, tire levers or chain breaker you know exactly where they are. Energy bar? Ah yes, right-hand side top pocket for easy access. The same should apply to how you pack your Wolf Pack Pros, as well as how you configure them on your Front Runner Roof Rack. In fact, this is a highly useful tip for anyone packing a roof rack, regardless of action sport or camping style: We recommend lining your Wolf Pack Pros with foam dividers for neat and safe storage of your various pieces of cycling kit. Click here to learn more about the ultimate mountain-biking packing list.

© Sascha Wolters

Access and light

Many bike rides (especially those Saturday morning group rides) start pre-dawn. You don’t want to be that person keeping everyone waiting while you scratch around (using your mobile phone torch for light) to find your gloves or shoes. A roof rack-mounted light bar (such as the Front Runner 40" LED Light Bar) or Work Light is a great addition to your Front Runner Roof Rack. Not only will you be able to arrive early and have ample light in which to set up your gear, but your vehicle is bound to become the center point of the rendezvous. Read this article to find the right light solution for you. In addition, adding a Front Runner Rack Handle Bracket gives a secure handle from which to reach the gear on your roof. Pair it with a 4.5W LED Rock Light for extra visibility during those low-light hours.