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- February 03, 2023

Monique and Jasper Endersby are a couple seeking endless adventures across Australia. They definitely have the whole work-life balance thing figured out — when not sprucing up homes through their elite painting service, they spend their time traveling big miles while hunting for fun waves, good fishing and scenic backdrops. Under their Instagram moniker @saltytravellers, they share spectacular images of some of the amazing places they visit. We managed to connect with them during an extended trip through Tasmania. ​

© Salty Travellers

How many kilometers have you done in the past 12 months? 

In 2022 we roughly did about 20 000 km of just purely traveling and camping. The Troopy is a work rig too and it’s no fun clocking up those kilometers in it.​


Of that 20 000, was it a good mix ofweekend trips and longer expeditions?

These days we’re working a lot more than traveling on the road full-time. So the weekend missions in between are a nice way to break up the weekly routine and just escape into nature. Sometimes we just need to disconnect and recharge, plus it always inspires us to plan bigger trips every year.  ​

© Salty Travellers

Out of all the spots you’ve ever camped in, what are your 5 favorites?

That is definitely a hard question, there are so many great ones around Australia. If we had to choose 5 of our favorite general areas to camp, they would be: ​

Fraser Island ​

Coral coast, Western Australia ​

Tasmania’s East Coast ​

Uluru & the red center ​

Esperance, Western Australia 

© Salty Travellers

What is the biggest challenge you’ve ever had to deal with on an overland trip?

After having our Troopy for 7 years now, we’ve probably only had one bad mechanical experience. It was on a trip across the Gibb River Road back in 2018, a 600km rough, corrugated dirt road stretching from Derby to El Questro in Western Australia. The road quality varies each year due to wet summers and high traffic over holiday periods. When it's bad, you know about it. ​

We lost a brake caliper at the start of the track, so we plugged the brake line and drove 500 km on three brakes. When nearing the end at El Questro, our rear brake seized through a deep water crossing, completely locking up the rear wheel. We couldn’t drive anywhere so a tow truck had to pick us up and take us to Kununurra where we waited a week for it to be repaired. Then we were straight back on the road and have not had a serious problem since! (*Touch wood) ​

© Salty Travellers

Can you give us a brief rundown of your Front Runner products on your Land Cruiser? 

Our Cruiser is decked out with some of our favorite Front Runner gear. We’ve been using it for a couple of years now and it’s some of the best quality we’ve had on the car. ​

We’re currently loaded up with: ​

Slimline II Roof Rack​

Double Jerry Can Holder with 2 x Jerry Cans​

Pro Stainless Steel Camp Table Kit​

Spare Wheel Step ​

Wolf Pack Pro​


Gas/Propane bottle holder ​

Pro Stainless Steel Prep Table Kit ​


Where will you and your Cruiser be heading in 2023? 

Well, we’re currently doing two months down in Tasmania over the summer before we head back home to work. We’re also busy doing up another Cruiser at home – a 1984 60 Series – which we’re excited to use for future weekend adventures. Our trips will be slightly different and a little more crowded this year as we’re expecting our first baby mid-year! We’re incredibly excited to show him/her everything about the outdoors and Mother Nature. ​

© Salty Travellers

You have a distinct photography style. Any tips on how you capture that sense of place?  

Have the confidence to be different and be yourself behind the lens. There’s no right or wrong to how you photograph a moment. Just enjoy the process of expressing how you see the world.