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- June 02, 2023

Born in Auckland, New Zealand, Jamie Humby has had a deep-rooted passion for food and travel from a young age. Humby’s 21-year culinary journey began with him completing his chef degree in Auckland before working in demanding kitchens across New Zealand, Australia, Norway, Sweden, and beyond. He is constantly seeking inspiration and amazement in the world of food.​

Currently based out of Noosa on the Sunshine Coast, Humby has been creating stunning images, videos, live demonstrations, and recipes for a diverse range of worldwide clients. And, while his work travels keep him super busy, nothing makes him happier than loading up the family and hitting the road when he gets any time off. ​

© Jamie Humby

Describe your foodie career transitions. 

I trained as a chef when I was young and worked as one in various parts of the world. But in the last 12 years, I shifted from being a chef to a food stylist, creating food for photography. And then, my true passion for photography took over, so now I do it all.​

© Jamie Humby

Are travel and food your two greatest passions? 

Travel is a massive part of my life. When I have time off, I would rather be on the road than kicking back at home. I then start to question myself: "What can I do? Where can I go?"​

© Jamie Humby

Take us through your trip-planning process. 

When I plan my trips, I look at them from two perspectives. First, I consider what activities we want to do, like overnight hiking, kayaking, biking, or snowboarding. Secondly, and maybe selfishly, I also think about where to capture great photos. ​

© Jamie Humby

Australia is a massive country. Do you do long trips? 

Some planned trips are for 10-14 days or even longer, while others are more spontaneous, like day trips or overnight trips. When my work schedule gets hectic, these shorter trips are crucial for my mental and physical well-being.

© Jamie Humby

Tell us about your adventure vehicle and how you have equipped it.

I fell in love with the VW Transporter a while back and have had a few of them. I've done camper builds on them, and now I have a T6 with raised suspension and all-wheel drive. In addition, I have the Slimline II Roof Rack designed specifically for the Transporter, a rear-mounted ladder, and various other Front Runner accessories mounted on the rack. It has been a game-changer for our adventures.​

When the twins are a bit older and come along we will need to pack extra things just for them. Traveling with and without babies are two very different things. Our Wolf Pack Pro boxes will definitely help us to stay organized and tidy, not to mention a Front Runner Drawer System which is next on my list. ​

© Jamie Humby

Returning to photography, how does taking photos during your travels differ from your commercial work?

Clients and their briefs usually dictate commercial shoots, which are studio-based, especially for food photography. However, there are some outdoor shoots which are fantastic. While out on my adventures, I always look for places that are challenging to reach but scenically rewarding. It's all about creating a unique experience and capturing great compositions that make me happy.​

© Jamie Humby

Studio lighting is very different to natural light. 

Lighting is everything. In the studio, you have complete control, but in the field, you must work with what's available. The weekend warrior who loves camping, hiking, or snowboarding, needs to take advantage of the golden hours before sunrise, at sunrise, before sunset, and after sunset. These are some of the best times for photography. ​

I love the lighting scenarios after sunset, with sidelight or backlight, creating incredible hues that add depth and contrast to the images.​

© Jamie Humby

If you could pick one of your favorite campsites spontaneously, what would it be?

One of my favorite campsites was at Undara Volcanic National Park, which is just over 150 miles southwest of Cairns. It's in the middle of nowhere, and giant volcanoes rise from the ground, creating a mind-blowing landscape. It's an extraordinary place, and I can’t wait to head there again. Hopefully soon.