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Essential Winter Camping tips

Essential Winter Camping tips

- October 04, 2022

Winter is not usually associated with camping. For the average weekend warrior camping is about sunshine and balmy, clear-skied evenings around the campfire. There are some great outdoor experiences to be had in winter however, and camp sites tend to be a lot less crowded. Here are a few tips to ensure you make the most of it.​

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​1. Stay warm​

You need to be comfortable when out and about. Layer up! No doubt you’ve heard this before but that’s because it is the most efficient way to regulate your own body temp. Start with good thermals (tops and pants) as base layers and then wear your regular t-shirts and pants. Then choose between a hard or soft shell for your outer layer as it shields you from the elements. Gloves and beanie are a must for early mornings and late evenings. Be sure to pack a few extra dry layers, you never know when a rain or snowstorm might come in. Keep your emergency dry layers dry in our Wolf Pack Pro storage boxes. These are made from impact-resistant plastic and feature extra-secure latching, providing extra durability while also sealing out water and dust.​

© Morgan Phillips

2. The right sleeping bag and mattress​

Make sure that your sleeping bag temperature rating meets the temperatures you’re expecting on your trip. If you have only a summer bag (and the forecasted temps are not extremely low) you can consider getting a thermal sleeping bag liner. They won’t add much bulk to your bag and can add up to five degree Celsius.​

​The right mattress might just be even more important than your sleeping bag. The correct mattresses (or sleeping mat) are not only for adding comfort but will help keep the heat in (and cold from the ground out). Our roof top tent features a comfortable high-density foam mattress (6cm / 2.25" thick) with washable moisture and mildew-resistant polyester oxford fabric cover. Of course, sleeping off the ground also means you’re further away from the potentially frosty soil.​

© Craig Kolesky

3. Fire starter​

Matches and lighters don’t do well with any kind of moisture. And, once they get damp you will be stuck without fire for heat and cooking. For winter (and other potentially wet camping conditions) we recommend buying a striker-style portable flint. These work in the wet and cold and add a certain additional ruggedness to your camping outfit. To make those winter evening cooking experiences even better, invest in a Cobb. This durable, light-weight cooking system that grills, fries, bakes, and more — all while being virtually smokeless.​​

© Loki The Wolf Dog

4. Be prepared for boggy driving conditions​

Wet winter conditions could potentially turn any dirt track into a quagmire, causing no end of traction issues. Go prepared with MAXTRAX MKII. They use integrated teeth that grip into a tire's tread to provide traction in mud or snow. The convenient mounting system and nesting design ensures they can be stacked and stored compactly to increase load capacity.