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Day trip ready

Day trip ready

- June 14, 2022

It’s not always possible to take make a long overland mission or even get away for a few precious adventure nights over the weekend. Day trips are the balance that keeps urban-based adventure addicts sane. It’s the shot of fresh air and outdoor views needed for a quick reset on fast-paced urban life. Whether you’re going mountain-biking, trail running, kayaking or just heading out for a picnic somewhere picturesque you want to make the most of those valuable daylight hours. Read on, we’ve got you covered for any day-trip adventure you choose.

© Craig Kolesky

1. Slimsport Roof Rack​

The Slimsport Roof Rack was designed for the adventurer who doesn’t necessarily need a hardcore expedition rig. This low-profile, lightweight, multi-functional rack is highly versatile and provides access to a wide range of Front Runner accessories to suit your adventure and outdoor lifestyle (even for a trip to the DIY building supply store). Its sleek-looking design makes it a fuel-efficient as well as a good-looking addition to any vehicle. 

© Front Runner

2. Pro Bike Rack​ 

The Slimsport Roof Rack shares the same t-slot channels found on the slats of the Slimline II rack system, allowing integration of the majority of Front Runner’s top-mounted rack accessories. This means you can safely and securely transport your bike with the Pro Bike Carrier. It fits road bikes as well as mountain bikes of all sizes and shapes (including eBikes). Both the front wheel clamp and rear-wheel ratcheting strap were designed for zero contact between the carrier and your frame, providing maximum protection while keeping your bike secure. Our Pro Canoe / Kayak / SUP Carrier also mounts easily onto the Slimsport Roof Rack and features multiple mounting angles, from flat to side-mounting which not only allows easy access to your craft but maximizes space on your roof rack.

© Craig Kolesky

3. Flat pack

If you’re loading your day trip adventure gear in Wolf Pack Pros on your Slimsport or Slimline II Roof Rack, line it with the Flat Pack. It features adjustable vinyl-lined compartments, two mesh storage pockets and one zippered water-resistant storage pocket. If you’re carrying your gear in a load of your SUV or sedan it can also be used as a stand-alone storage solution.

© Craig Kolesky

4. Cooler​ 

Whether a day out exploring new single tracks or just kicking back with a lazy picnic enjoying the view next to the lake, every adventure needs good snacks and cold drinks. For those looking for a cooling storage option for shorter missions, the Dometic Patrol 35l cooler is ideal. The Patrol insulation box will keep the ice frozen for days. If you’re looking to step it up, the Dometic CFX3 75DZ Dual Cooler/Freezer is a powerful cooler offering two-zone storage compartments that have independent temperature control so you can keep your drinks ice cold and your food chilled without frosting. Not everyone is going to install an auxiliary battery system and run a big fridge/freezer which makes this portable unit and its flexible power options (AC 100-240 V and DC 12/24 V) ideal for shorter trips.

© Front Runner

5. Easy-Out Awning

​After your ride or paddle, create a comfortable place in which to unwind, rest up for the drive home and relive the action while enjoying some refreshments out of your cooler. The Easy-Out Awning mounts to your Slimsport Roof Rack and is the ideal shade-maker. Pair it with the additional Wind/Sun Break sidewall, to create more protection from the elements. Much like your rooftop tent, you might not always want to be driving around with your awning though, with the use of the Quick Release Awning Mount Kit you can mount or remove your awning in seconds without any tools.

© Front Runner

6. Expander chairs​ 

Don’t be left standing now that you have your shade (and rain shelter) sorted after being out on the trail or river. Make the most of your awning’s coverage by kicking back in an Expander Chair. This ridiculously comfortable chair features a telescopic design which allows it to fold into the size of a laptop case making it easy to transport even if you’re in a hatchback or sedan. It also has a cup holder, and various utility pockets for storage of small items such as cellphones.

© Front Runner

7. Aeropress​

Bask in the afterglow of your ride, run or paddle with a decent coffee. The AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker is a firm favorite among outdoor enthusiasts for various reasons. It packs small, is easy to use and makes a really good espresso fast! All you need is ground coffee and hot water (we guarantee even the biggest cycling coffee snob will be impressed).​