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  • Beef & Pumpkin Potjie Recipe

    - October 30, 2018

    With Halloween fast approaching, a cast iron pot brings to mind spooky witches leaning over a bubbling steaming mixture of unspeakable ingredients. While this recipe does use a cast iron pot- the ingredients are less unspeakable, unless you’re vegan- then you’ll just have to substitute some items. Literally meaning “small pot food”, Potjiekos... [Read More]

  • How strong is a Front Runner Roof Rack?

    - September 6, 2018

    Front Runner racks are designed for heavy off-road abuse – Africa style. We sleep well at night knowing we’re manufacturing an incredibly safe and strong rack.  But because we live in a litigious world filled with endless disclaimers, getting the word out that the Slimline II is one of the strongest racks available is a bit tricky. So, before we get... [Read More]

  • Dare to Drive the Dempster Highway

    - July 12, 2018

    Car rental companies won’t allow their vehicles to travel this route. It has no pavement, scares off city drivers, and is the only public highway that crosses the Arctic Circle. Sound appealing to you? We thought so! The Dempster Highway connects the Southern Yukon with Inuvik and was originally built as an overlanding supply road for oil and gas... [Read More]

  • Beyond The Rack - Kingsley Holgate

    - March 14, 2018

    by Andrew Pasquella. Photos by Kingsley Holgate Foundation A Front Runner supported Kingsley Holgate Foundation expedition recently headed to Ras Xaafun, the most easterly point of the African continent, located on the troubled Horn of Africa. The expedition was extremely dangerous with US military anti-terrorist operations and devastating bombings... [Read More]

  • Nuts and bolts: An evolution in design

    - March 9, 2017

    At Front Runner, we live and breathe off-road adventure. Our engineers push the limits of product design because, frankly, our customers (you people!)  have a nasty habit of playing hard. Very hard. (Want to see what kind of havoc our gear can survive? Check out the next GEARZETTE to find out!) We take R&D seriously because we’re in the... [Read More]

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