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  • How strong is a Front Runner Roof Rack?

    - September 6, 2018

    Front Runner racks are designed for heavy off-road abuse – Africa style. We sleep well at night knowing we’re manufacturing an incredibly safe and strong rack.  But because we live in a litigious world filled with endless disclaimers, getting the word out that the Slimline II is one of the strongest racks available is a bit tricky. So, before we get... [Read More]

  • What is ISO?

    - March 8, 2018

    by Andrew Pasquella. What started as an idea from friends around a campfire has quickly grown into an international business with a well-deserved reputation for quality, intelligent design, and durability. One of the reasons we’re able to create award-winning and reliable products is Front Runner’s skilled craftsmen who work their magic in our... [Read More]

  • Nuts and bolts: An evolution in design

    - March 9, 2017

    At Front Runner, we live and breathe off-road adventure. Our engineers push the limits of product design because, frankly, our customers (you people!)  have a nasty habit of playing hard. Very hard. (Want to see what kind of havoc our gear can survive? Check out the next GEARZETTE to find out!) We take R&D seriously because we’re in the... [Read More]

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