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Beyond the gear with Corey Seemann

Beyond the gear with Corey Seemann

- February 09, 2022

Collaborator Corey Seemann finds his ‘Anywhere’ in the mountains, but it’s the process of getting there that really gets him going.

Born to a bush pilot mother and professional skier father, adventure was always going to be part of Corey’s life. Today he honors his family legacy by seamlessly combining the two passions in the mountains.

“The mountains and aviation go hand-in-hand,” Corey says. “Flying provides a huge learning ground for the mountains – you learn a lot about things such as weather forecasting, snow levels and freezing temps.”

© Justin D Kauffman

With a Multi-Engine commercial pilot’s license and countless backcountry flying hours in his logbook, Corey uses flying to scout routes and keep his senses sharp in summer while he waits for winter. “We have some big mountains up in Glacier National Park,” the Montanan explains. “If you are going to ski these mountains, you want to know the route in and out… the approaches to these lines are so significant in your time-planning. Once you’re on the face and ridge it’s a day in itself, but first you have to get there. And then get out.”​

Corey has a never-ending list of big mountain projects and from the scouting and the training, to the gear that gets him there, everything serves a purpose to getting those projects done. A key piece of gear is his 2022 Subaru Outback Wilderness Edition, which is kitted with a range of Front Runner gear to help him achieve his big mountain goals.

© Justin D Kauffman

“The new ski rack is absolutely amazing,” he says of his latest favorite bolt-on addition to his Slimline II rack. “I’ve used a lot of ski racks in the past, but nothing compares. Firstly, it looks amazing in that it is a side mount, and secondly, the functionality of it is just amazing –

it is great to throw three different pairs of skis on there and go out to the mountains and have the right device for whatever objective you’re going for.”​

© Justin D Kauffman

Over the years he’s also gotten a lot of good use out of his MAXTRAX recovery devices. “We do a lot of off-roading in winter-type conditions where people are getting stuck – or I’m getting stuck. These have changed the game in terms of snow-driving recovery situations,” he says, explaining that he can leave them on the rack and forget about them until they are needed.

A lot of Corey’s skiing goals revolve around couloirs. A couloir is a seam or fissure in a mountain face that – when filled with snow – offer unique skiing lines. And those lines can completely change overnight. “Knowing you are one of the few people – if not the only person – who will ski this line before it disappears, is something special,” he says. ​

© Justin D Kauffman

Getting out to those special lines often requires loading and prep work in the dark, as the sun only comes up at around 08:30 in Montana in mid-winter and starts setting again around 16:30. “Because we are so far north, we don’t have a ton of daylight, so the 22-inch LED Light Bar is essential,” he said. “In addition to the great light it throws, the integrated bolt-on system is the sleekest and best I’ve found.

While the ski lines may add the adrenaline, they’re not necessarily what defines a trip, or even what makes a winter season successful. For Corey, sharing his ‘Anywhere’ with special people is what really matters. “We have all done these trips solo, which is great, but when you hit a certain age, if you can’t share them, what’s the point?”

“You can have the best trip on the planet, but if you can’t express the true gratitude that you seek on these adventures, it is kind of pointless,” said Corey. “So, if you’re travelling with someone that you love, it just makes the experience that much more impactful.”

In our newest Find Anywhere installment, you can watch Corey shred some of his favorite spots around Montana, sharing the experience with his girlfriend and best mates. 

© Justin D Kauffman

Corey’s Gear List:

Subaru Outback Rack


Pro Ski and Snowboard Carrier

22-inch Light Bar

Bottle Opener

Expander Chairs

Wolf Packs


Stratchit Shorties

Tie Down Rings

Ratcheting Spade and Shovel Mount​​

Recovery Device Mounting Kit

Pro Stainless Steel Table Kit

Typhoon Bag

Camp Kitchen Utensil Set