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Beyond the Gear - Sidetracked Australia

Beyond the Gear - Sidetracked Australia

- June 12, 2023

Mark and Nick Wiseman feel most alive when their lockers are engaged, and there's a chance of losing traction. For them, the slicker the track and the rockier the climb, the sweeter the sunset bevvies at the end of the day.​

© Josh Geelen

To them, Anywhere is not a place, but the way you get there. And it all starts with getting the vehicles ready and the gear in prime shape. While they both work full-time jobs, they have the balance dialed and dedicate a significant amount of time to DIY upgrading work on their off-road rigs (a Nissan Patrol and Land Rover Defender 110) as well as putting in some serious overland mileage.​

© Josh Geelen

They share a passion for adventure and have been on countless journeys throughout Australia and beyond, relying on each other to navigate every steep gradient and rock garden the road (and its inevitable sidetracks) throws at them. They know that when they get bogged in the mud or run foul in the bricks, they can count on their best mate to get them out. The pair has been documenting their adventures (and vehicle-build work) for half a decade and has a highly entertaining and insightful YouTube channel.​

© Josh Geelen

Throughout their escapades, the brothers have always had each other's backs. Watch their episode of "Find Anywhere" and discover the bond between two intrepid off-road explorers as they tackle the famed Bendleby Ranges where they put their Front Runner gear to the most stringent of tests. ​

If you're seeking some adventure inspiration, then you're in for a masterclass.​

© Josh Geelen

Gear List: ​

Slimline II Roof Racks​

Various under-rack tables​

LED Light Bars​

Expander Camping Chairs​

Camp Kitchen Utensil Set​

Pro water tanks with pump​

Front Runner Drawer Systems​

Gullwing Windows​