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7 Surprisingly-necessary Pieces of Gear You Never Knew You Always Needed

7 Surprisingly-necessary Pieces of Gear You Never Knew You Always Needed

- January 17, 2022

The basics of storage and shelter are a given, but chat to any experienced overlander and they’ll tell you it’s the small conveniences that make packing, travel and camping even better. Here are just a few things off the ‘game changer’ list of our collaborators.

© Craig Kolesky

1. Box Braai

There is just something about a fire that adds atmosphere to a camp. Even if you might be cooking on gas that night, a campfire adds the ambience that transports us away from the regular everyday hustle, even if you’re on a micro adventure less than an hour from home. It’s not always possible, safe or legal to make fire on the ground though, so the solid, convenient and easy-to-use Box Braai is the answer. It doubles as a grill on which to cook or a firepit for vibe (and warmth!). The neat unit sets-up in less than 30 seconds and keeps the fire safely off the ground. Constructed from durable 3CR12 stainless steel, it is corrosion resistant and packs away smartly in a Wolf Pack or Wolf Pack Pro.

© Elias Black

2. Quick Release Tent Mount Kit

The Quick Release Tent Mount Kit represents that ‘aha’ moment for anyone puzzling about garage clearance or for those who’d prefer not to be driving around with their rooftop tents during the week. The four lockable latches provide an off-road tough, rattle-free mounting system that is completely tool free. It is compatible with various soft- and hard-shell rooftop tents and, once installed, allow you to fit and remove your tent in mere seconds.

© MEG Haywood Sullivan

3. Wolf Pack Pro

Can you have too much of a good thing? When it comes to a highly versatile, convenient storage solution, we think not. The Wolf Pack Pro stackable box is the core of many Front Runner storage systems, and with good reason. Made from impact-resistant plastic, it features extra-secure latching, which provides extra durability while keeping your gear safe, dry and clean. The list of additional uses keeps growing too, from baby bath to dishwashing station, impromptu ice box and a convenient way to pack your Box Braai...

© Front Runner

4. Quick Release Awning Mount Kit

Much like your rooftop tent, you might not always want to be driving around with your awning (although a full rig always looks pretty cool in morning traffic). The Quick Release Awning Mount Kit gives you the freedom to mount or remove your awning in seconds without any tools. Your removed awning can then be neatly stored using the wall mount brackets supplied.

© Craig Kolesky

5. Rack Mounted Bottle Opener

Sometimes sweating the small things is so worthwhile. This little mount never ceases to put big smiles on everyone's faces in camp. So much more than a bottle opener, this black, powder-coated stainless steel unit (which can be installed anywhere along the sides of the Front Runner Roof Rack Tray) is a piece of pure genius. You can thank us later.

© Craig Kolesky

6. Ratcheting Spade / Shovel Mount

There are only two types of overland drivers out there: Those who carry a spade and those who will carry a spade on their next outing. From the obvious uses such as recovery out of mud or sand, digging a fire pit or neatening up a campsite, a spade or shovel has innumerable other uses. The Spade Mount secures your spade out of the way but within easy access while the ratcheting, quick-release latches allow for it to be easily removed. The ratcheting straps (mounted onto the side of your rack) adjust to fit various circumferences and can also be used to transport kayak or stand-up paddleboard paddles, a fishing-rod tube or the like.

© Craig Kolesky

7. Handle/Light Bracket

The tie-down or unload dance is often not the most choreographed of movements requiring some gymnastics because of lack of hand grip. No more! With this ergonomically engineered handle you have a secure spot to hold on to from which to easily access your rack. The black, powder-coated steel unit mounts to the side of the Slimline II rack and features a built-in 4.5W LED rock light to help you see what you’re doing when loading or unloading.