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- July 26, 2022

Cleaning up well is not usually very high on the priority list when gearing up for an adventure. But talk to any experienced overlander or camper and they’re bound to tell you that having a good camp shower should not be regarded as a luxury but a necessity. Here is a list of useful items to help elevate your camp shower. ​

© Alessandro Sgro

1. Rack Mount Shower Cubicle​

Not every campsite is going to be that solo, totally private, in the middle-of-nowhere kind of situation where you can shower with a view (and without being viewed). You know what we mean… For most camping situations you’re going to want some privacy. Our Rack Mount Shower Cubicle creates a fast (and private) shower cubicle, change room or ablution room. The stainless-steel cubicle slides onto your Front Runner rack using two mounting brackets and features a 240gsm, UV protected shower curtain.​

2. Shower mat​

Keeping mud and dirt off your feet is a rare luxury when camping. There are various ways to make a DIY shower floor for your camp shower - from yoga mats to rubberised gym flooring panels or an empty Wolf Pack Pro. A popular option is something like the Interlocking Rubber Drainage Floor Mat from SafetyCare. It features drainage holes which allow your shower water to pass through. It’s easy to clean and can be extended by attaching multiple panels. Transport it flat and out of the way on top of your roof rack or in a Wolf Pack Pro. ​

3. Shower caddy​

Once inside your shower you want all your toiletries conveniently close at hand. The Terra Home Portable Shower Caddy can hang or stand in the shower. Its mesh construction allows for drainage and quick drying. Keep everything you might need in it, packed neatly inside a Wolf Pack Pro for transport and then simply carry to your shower.​

© Philipp Wülfing

4. Rack Mount Shower Arm​

If you have a traditional hang-up solar shower, such as the Ortlieb Water Sack, our Rack Mount Shower Arm is a must-have. Its base plate mounts to the slats on the sides of your Front Runner Roof Rack Tray, and then allows you to quickly snap in and retract the folded arm to create a comfortable shower (using the water sack) inside your shower cubicle. ​

© Milk Tacoma & Edward Bath

5.Solar shower ​

From a quick rinse-off after a day at the beach or on the trails to a proper shower after a day of driving long, dusty off-road trails the solar shower has been a trusted adventure gadget for many years. Its beauty lies in its simplicity - simply fill the bag with water and leave it in the sun for a few hours to warm up. There are countless options available with various features. The 10L from Quechua is a pressure-balanced solar shower which means it doesn’t need to hang up. It features a temperature gauge and a power nozzle. 

© Gary Mead

6. Turbo Camping Shower​

For longer overland missions you’re going to want to level up your shower game with the convenient Turbo Camping Shower kit. It pumps water from a water source (such as the Pro Water Tank) up to a shower using a submersible pump that simply plugs into your 12V plug. The shower comes with 2M of piping and has an adjustable flow.​

© Caleb Keller

7. Quick Dry Towel​

Microfiber towels are compact and lightweight for packing and storage and dry quicker than regular towels making them far more hygienic for adventures. Fit-Flip camp towels are a popular option. They are made from high-quality microfiber which is soft on the skin, highly absorbent so dries your body efficiently, but can be air-dried in a short time.