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4X4: 16 Questions with The German Roamers

4X4: 16 Questions with The German Roamers

- September 16, 2020

Hannes, Lennart and Daniel are members of the German Roamers, a collective of talented photographers who travel the lesser known parts of the world (and yes, Germany) in constant search for the perfect landscape. Whether off road or on long journeys and far away from home, with their vans they explore the outdoors and pursue their passion for landscape photography. Hannes travels in his van Ragnar, Lennart together with Patricia and their van Gilbert, Daniel & Natascha travel in their van Bulli Wilma. These German Roamers show us that in vanlife, there may be less space, but there is more life.

Sum up your life?s philosophy in three words.

Lennart & Patricia: Faith, love, freedom.

You?re going on a road trip- which three people do you bring with you, dead or alive.

Lennart & Patricia: Both of us, our van Gilbert, Jesus.

Why did you decide to buy a van?

Lennart & Patricia: We wanted to be free and independent, taking a piece of adventure with us anywhere we go.

What do you like about the Front Runner gear for your van?

Lennart & Patricia: It allows us to pack and easily access anything we need, no matter what situation we might face in the outdoors.

Any surprises once you got your van built out?

Lennart & Patricia: Probably that the building never ends. Having everything self built has us stuck in a mind of optimization - but we like it that way.

What?s most used piece of gear on your rig?

Hannes: For obvious reasons the rack itself, I just love the entire customization. Being able to quickly change boxes and gear, depending on your trip and needs it?s just great. Mostly used at the moment are the Wolf packs - they are kind of a "must-have?.

What?s the longest you?ve lived out of your van?

Hannes: I?m relatively new to the "Van-Life", I just joined a few months ago. For now my longest trip was this summer to Norway for about 5 weeks. Right now I?m preparing for 7 weeks on the Faroe Islands. My ultimate goal is go for a few months.

Why did you choose to live mobile?

Hannes: Being close to nature and more importantly, being independent. Especially due to the current situation, traveling isn?t as easy as before. Having the option of just hopping into your car and spending 5 weeks on the road is something I always had in mind. Also as a photographer you can kind of work from everywhere, I?m not tied to any places.

You?ve turned your passion into a career, any pitfalls?

Hannes: Well, as a freelancer you have simply have to take care of yourself. It might sound easy at first, but there?s so much more work behind all those beautiful photos on Instagram.

Where has your coolest trip been?

Hannes: Probably road tripping around Yukon in a G-Wagen for 2 weeks.. Don?t think there?s much to add here haha.

One tip to successfully live on the road?

Daniel & Natascha: Simply do not plan too much and be spontaneous. A rough route is always good but where to go next is always decided in the morning. And the most important thing: don't get stressed!

Who?s on your road trip playlist currently?

Daniel & Natascha: Allah-Las and the Growlers.

Who?s your role model?

Daniel & Natascha: We don?t have role models, just trying to make the best out of life. ?

Anything else in store for your van build?

Daniel & Natascha: Nothing is planned at the moment. We are very happy with our set-up and everything works as it should. We like to travel minimalistically.

Next on your trip list?

Daniel & Natascha: Probably the Alps again. A short trip to Switzerland would be nice to catch some autumn colors.

How has your van helped you Find Anywhere?

Lennart, Hannes, Daniel, Patricia & Natascha: With the vans we are as flexible as never before, we simply have everything we need and what is important to us. Every day we decide where we want to go next and that is exactly our anywhere.