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4X4: 16 Questions with Mason Prendergast

4X4: 16 Questions with Mason Prendergast

- November 06, 2020

Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, Mason Prendergast needs to be outside. Or travelling. Or moving. He’s constantly on the go for his career as a professional photographer and cinematographer. We wanted to sit down with Mason to learn what drives him and what keeps him moving.

Best thing you’ve seen while adventuring?

The smiles on people’s faces when they are experiencing something in nature for the first time.

Sum up your life’s philosophy in 3 words?

Make it happen.

You’re going on a road trip- what three people do you take, dead or alive?

Depends on the road trip for sure, Christopher Columbus, Ansel Adams, my grandfather.

What’s something no one knows about you?

I never attended graduation.

What stands out about growing up in the Pacific Northwest?

It’s not as granola as the rest of the world thinks.

What made you want a 4Runner?

I saw Justin Kauffman had one and I aspire to be him, we are twins now.

Has having Front Runner gear on the 4Runner been a game changer?

Absolutely, it has enabled me to trust going further into the unknown, knowing that their gear will get me out of any situation.

What was the piece of Front Runner gear you used the most?

The Roof Top Tent.

Must have piece of technology while travelling?

As sad as it is, probably a cellphone... those things can do anything.

What camera are you shooting with?


If you had to choose between video and photography, what would you choose?

Video all day... video to me is 24 pictures a second that tells a more compelling story.

Why did you want to start capturing your adventures?

I got into it from taking backpacking trips when I was 16, it was the first time my friends and I could get out of the house alone. We were finally free. Many nights were spent in tents under the stars in the cascades and I wouldn’t change a single second of it. I started documenting our trips, and the rest is history.

What are you most grateful for?

Having friends and family support me.

What’s on your road trip playlist?

Travis Scott.

Who’s your role model?

My grandpa.

What’s your nickname?