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3 Ways to configure your rig with Front Runner

3 Ways to configure your rig with Front Runner

- January 31, 2022

Not everyone is a hardcore off-roader who can spend weeks off the grid negotiating tough trails and camping self-sufficiently. For many, the ability to get out for a weekend mission or a quick day trip to the trailhead is plenty. Their vehicle choice reflects that, and we have the gear for those vehicles. ​Here is a brief look at a few different vehicle types and some potential gear setups.

© MEG Haywood Sullivan

1. Crossover SUV

Traditionally the term Crossover SUV would’ve defined a 4WD vehicle without a transfer gear box (no low range) or any modifications such as suspension lift kits. Those lines have been blurred over the past few years, as more and more vehicles enter the market aimed at people who live active lifestyles but aren’t necessarily looking to travel far on challenging roads. These vehicles provide the ideal crossover between urban utility and getting out into nature where there could be dirt road driving involved. Storage space is often at a premium on these vehicles, and you want to rig them so you can comfortably carry your gear such as bikes and paddleboards, while still having space for the kids and dog. There is a myriad of sport-specific products available for this class of vehicle. Here are a few favorites: ​

© Craig Kolesky

Slimsport Rack

This low-profile, lightweight, multi-functional rack is highly versatile and provides access to a wide range of accessories for your active outdoor lifestyle. Its sleek-looking design makes it fuel efficient and a good-looking addition to any vehicle.

© Front Runner

Pro Bike Carrier

Safely and securely transport your road bike, mountain bike, fat bike or gravel tourer with the Pro Bike Carrier. It can be installed on your Slimsport rack in minutes. It features an off-road tough front wheel clamp and rear wheel ratcheting strap that is designed for protecting carbon fiber frames.

© Craig Kolesky & © Front Runner

Easy-Out Awning

Even if you are never going to use your vehicle as a ‘camping’ car, an awning is the one accessory you never knew you needed. It provides sun and rain protection and is the ideal place to kick back before or after your adventure. The awning quickly mounts to the side of your roof rack and can be removed and stored just as easily.

© Front Runner

Flat Pack

Use this versatile storage solution to line your Wolf Pack for longer trips mounted to your roof rack, or as a stand-alone storage solution for your bike helmet, riding shoes, climbing gear or fishing tackle. Manufactured with rigid plastic walls, it features a canvas exterior and vinyl-lined interior with adjustable compartments, which are great for storing a range of items, such as kitchen accessories.

© Janik Alheit

2. SUV

Whether equipped with low-range and diff lock for serious overland use, or set up for less demanding adventures, SUVs (and their drivers) go further for longer. These adventures usually call for accessories that are slightly heavier duty. Depending on use and needs, a combination of roof top and load bay accessories can help make the most efficient use of available space.

© Craig Kolesky

Slimline II Roof Rack

“[Front Runner’s] catalog of mountable accessories is just so big,” said our collaborator, Sidetracked Australia. “We love this super strong rack and have converted so many people to it.” The Slimline II is vehicle-specific and the roof rack kit contains the Slimline II Tray, Wind Deflector and Foot Rails. This highly versatile rack is easy to install with 55+ accessories to choose from.

© Alex Strohl

Pro Canoe / Kayak / SUP Carrier

This carrier fits a canoe, kayak or paddleboard, and features multiple mounting angles to perfectly fit your needs. The foam-padded holders are self-adjusting for the perfect fit to the hull of your boat.

© Craig Kolesky

Telescopic Ladder

A roof rack is an amazingly useful tool. Maximising access to it changes the game even further. This Telescopic Ladder expands to 2.6m and has nine steps to get you to the top of your vehicle. The ladder features a pair of brackets that lets it rest securely against the Slimline II rack. It is made of strong and lightweight aluminium and stores small and compact.​

© Expedition Rove

Drop Down Tailgate Table

Whether you’re out for the day or on a longer camping trip, you can never have enough table space. While our Pro Stainless Steel Camp Table is indispensable, the Drop Down Tailgate Table makes for a versatile, convenient addition. The table mounts onto SUVs and trucks with rear swing opening doors and a flat mountable surface. The primary tray has a surface area of 648mm (25.5") x 331mm (13") and can be lengthened by an additional 445mm (17.5") by sliding out the wood tray extension.

© Craig Kolesky

3. Pickups

Pickup trucks arguably offer the most versatility when it comes to overland packing and customisation options. The pickup is often the choice of the more discerning overlander for its variety of packing configurations, from roof and load bed racks to slides and drawer systems.

© Craig Kolesky

Load Bed Rack Kit

The beauty of this rack kit is that it mounts the versatile, full-size Slimline II over the bed of your pickup. This means you can attach a roof top tent to the rack, while you still have storage space in the load bed, as well as fit another rack to the roof of your pickup. Adding Expedition Rail Kits to a Slimline II rack gives it even more cargo support.

© Craig Kolesky

Dometic CFX3 35 Cooler/Freezer

For those looking for a cooling storage option for shorter missions, the Dometic Patrol 35l cooler is ideal. The Patrol insulation box will keep ice frozen for days. And if you’re looking to step it up, get the Dometic CFX3 35 Cooler/Freezer.

© Craig Kolesky

Drawer System

Even if you have a rack over your load bed, this lockable drawer will prove invaluable when it comes to organizing storage. The deck is covered with a durable, UV-resistant nylon pile carpet, and you can load the drawers withCub Packs or Flat Packs.

© TooSocial

Hi-Lift Jack Bracket

A hi-lift jack is often the first accessory new overlanders purchase, and with good reason. However, it can be a bulky accessory to store, so the most convenient (and accessible) way to do it is with this two-piece locking bracket, which easily bolts to the side of your Slimline II roof rack. Constructed from heavy-gauge stainless steel, it provides a rattle-free carrying solution. 

Roof Rack Power Point

Having a Power Point on your roof rack gives you a range of additional lighting and accessory options, powered by Hella Extension Cord from your vehicle’s 12V accessory outlet. Made from heavy-duty steel and sealed with the same durable, weather-rated powder coating as Front Runner roof racks, this Power Point bolts underneath any slat on the front, side or rear of your roof rack.