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Nissan NP300 DC Auxiliary 63l Fuel Tank - by Front Runner

Extra fuel tank for the Nissan Double Cab.
  • 3CR12 Stainless Steel extra fuel tank that fits above the spare wheel and the spare wheel drops by 65mm. 
  • The tank fills through the existing filler neck and gravity feeds into the main tank. 
  • The transfer pipe comes in at the 3/4 way mark on the main tank.
  • The gauge of the vehicle will drop proportionately for the first 1/4 of the tank as it uses up the top part of the vehicles main tank and the whole of the extra tank. 
  • Once the gauge passes the 3/4 mark it is then using the main tanks fuel only. ​

Product Questions

Will this tank fit a new Nissan 2.5 lt Diesel Double Cab 4x4 NP300 Hard-Body?
Question by Andrew Thorneycroft
Correct, our NP300 tank will fit perfectly!
Answer by Front Runner
Will this tank fit the new 2017 NP 300 Navara?
Question by Hannes Steyn
This tank will not fit the 2017 NP 300 Navara.
Answer by Front Runner

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