Gas/Propane Bottle Holder / Side Mount - by Front Runner

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A side mounting gas bottle holder for your vehicle.​

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A side mounting gas bottle holder for your vehicle.

Constructed of black powder-coated 3CR12 stainless steel.

Includes a lockable latch to store your gas bottle outside at all times.

Suitable for different size gas bottles.

Small (diameter 220mm – 240mm)
Medium (diameter 240mm – 265mm)

This gas bottle holder features openings for piping, gas geysers attachments, gas heater attachments and gas lamps attachments. All attachments can remain fitted while mounted onto your Slimline II roof rack.

The unique, low profile design assists in the ease of removing the gas bottle when required.

Consists of:
1 x Strap support bracket
1 x Mounting bracket
2 x Straps
1 x Latch
2 x Support plates
Nuts and bolt kit

Materials used:
Black powder coater 3CR12 stainless steel and mild steel

Product Dimensions:
143mm (5.6") L x 240mm (9.5") W x 213mm (8.4") H

Total Bottle Diameter:
Small (diameter 220mm – 240mm)
Medium (diameter 240mm – 265mm)

2.93kg (6.5lbs)

*A PDF viewer is required to view the fitting instructions.

Product Questions
I have a 5 LB Manchester 1.2 Gallon 8 Inch Diameter tank. Does this bottle holder can fit it?
Question by: Steve
Please find our Cylinder specs for Safe Hauling: Max Cylinder Height: 12.6" (320mm) Max Cylinder Diameter: 11" (280mm) Max Top Collar Diameter: 6.7" (170mm) Max Weight: 22lb (10kg)
Answer by: Front Runner
Can you please specify the measurements for the hole centers on the gas cylinder mounting bracket?
Question by: Shaun stodart
From side to side will be 180mm / 7.08 inches, and from top to bottom will be 150mm / 5.9 inches.
Answer by: Front Runner
What is the distance between mounting holes (left to right)? Matt
Question by: Matt Meyer
The holes measure 180mm from side to side, and 150 mm from top to bottom.
Answer by: Front Runner
Hi, Can I buy a bracket to attach this holder to the outside edge of a Front runner roof rack? Thanks.
Question by: Matthew
All our other Gas Bottle Brackets were designed to mount on top of our Racks except for a side mount bracket for the Defenders.
Answer by: Front Runner
Hi, What are the minimum and maximum diameters of bottles that can be used for both the straps you provide?
Question by: Nick Knight
Gas Bottle Diameters are: No.7 / 3Kg - 210mm No.10 / 5Kg - 306mm
Answer by: Front Runner
Hi, will this allow fitment of an Australian 4.5 kg gas bottle?
Question by: Stephen
The Australian 4.5Kg Gas bottle has a very wide Diameter and will not work with this product. Our holder currently works with Gas Bottle Diameters are: No.7 / 3Kg - 210mm No.10 / 5Kg - 306mm. But stay tuned, as we should have a solution for Australian Gas Bottles soon.
Answer by: Front Runner
Hello, What is the diameter of the gas bottle? Thank you
Question by: Célien Bruttin
The Gas Bottle Diameters are: No.7 / 3Kg - 210mm No.10 / 5Kg - 306mm
Answer by: Front Runner
Can this mounting be fitted on the side of the Front Runner Roof Rack?
Question by: Rudi
No, this mounting system is designed to go on trailers or the inside of a pick-up load bin.
Answer by: Front Runner
Hi. Can you please tell me what the dimensions of the back plate are. Cheers, Matt.
Question by: Matt
The dimensions for the Mount Plate are 240mm x 215mm.
Answer by: Front Runner
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