20l Jerry Can - Black Steel Finish

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The classic all steel Wedco style 20l Jerry Can. Fits snug and rattle free in the Front Runner Jerry Can Holders.​​ **This Jerry Can does not meet U.S. requirements for fuel containers and Front Runner Outfitters USA does not sell this product for fuel storage.
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The classic all steel 20l Jerry Can but in a rugged black finish. Fits snug and rattle free in the Front Runner Jerry Can Holders.​
** ATTENTION USA CUSTOMERS: This black jerry looks super cool -- and that's just about all it can be used for: looking super cool. It can not be used for fuel transport as it does not meet carb compliant and other standards. If you need a sleek looking Wedco style Jerry Can to use empty for car shows or to keep that moonshine in your garage, this is the jerry can for you! ​

Consists of:
1x Jerry can with air-tight cap

Materials used:
Black painted steel

Product Dimensions:
350mm (13.8") L x 165mm (6.5") W x 460mm (18.1") H
3.82kg (8.42lbs)

Fitting instructions are not available.

Product Questions
sorry, i didn't get it, is it not a diesel can, right?
Question by: youwei ren
Our Jerry Cans work with both Petrol / gas or Diesel.
Answer by: Front Runner
Is this can safe to store drinking water?
Question by: Natalie
Natalie, We do not recommend using our metal Jerry Cans for drinking water. The inside of the Jerry Can is metal and will cause rust to develop. We do offer a plastic version of our Jerry Can that is BPA free and safe for drinking water and storage. Check out the link below for more info. http://www.frontrunneroutfitters.com/front-runner-20l-plastic-jerry-can-with-tap.html#.VdZE-lNViNw Best Regards, Bryan
Answer by: Front Runner
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