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Vehicle Side Table Mounting Kit - by Front Runner

A table mounting kit for the side of your Land Rover Defender (or trailer) that allows you to easily mount a table off the side of your vehicle for a rigid surface, everywhere you go.
  • Pre-cut mounting holes.
  • Includes blind-rivets.
  • Only suitable for the Land Rover Defender and some makes of trailers (contact us for specifics).
Consists of:
2x Back plate
2x Horse shoe plate
2x Key hole plate
1x Dog bone plate
8x Pop rivets

Materials used:
3CR12 stainless steel

0.1kg (0.2lbs)

Product Questions

in the parts kit for the Vehicle side table mounting kit what are the 3ml holes in the 2 back plates for?. and which way is up
Question by Tobytoad
The small holes in the back plate are used for measuring the distance between the plates for mounting. Each plate mounts in a different orientation, so there is technically no up. If you purchased this kit and am having a hard time mounting please send us an email for assistance. This kit is meant to be used as a replacement for our side mount table. Thank you.
Answer by Front Runner

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