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Easy-Out Awning / 2.5M - by Front Runner

A roof rack mounted awning, measuring 2.5m wide and 2.1m out from the vehicle, which makes it an ideal size for all larger vehicles.
  • Quick and easy two person set up, in under 60 seconds.
  • Telescopic aluminium twist lock uprights and rafter poles as well as aluminium rafters that ensure rigidity.
  • Vinyl zip-up cover bag attached to a full length aluminium backing plate which is used to secure onto awning brackets which in turn mount the awning to most roof racks.
  • Guy ropes and pegs included for securing your awning in windy weather conditions.
  • Reinforced corner sections and Velcro tabs to prevent flapping.
  • Folds into the main carry bag which can be left permanently attached to vehicle.
  • This awning also has optional sides & front panels made from either mozi-net or canvas which easily attach to the awning. The front panel attaches to the front extrusion and the sides attach to the rafter poles using Velcro.

Material Used:
Rip-stop Nylon

Product Dimensions:
Extended: W 2500mm (98.4") x L 2100mm (82.7")
Retracted: W 2500mm (98.4") x L 160mm (6.3")

13.5kg (29.8lbs)

Product Questions

Are the brackets included?
Question by Matteo Consonni
Our awnings will have universal L-brackets included to mount to various rack systems and configurations, but we do recommend using our RRAC029 brackets to mount an awning to our Slimline II rack system.
Answer by Front Runner
My roof rack is KRLD028T(slimline 2) Do you still recommend to use 2 meter awning (SKU: TENT043)?
Question by Mathias Sunghoon Chung
Yes, you can use the 2.5m awning for this rack but it will overhang on each side slightly. Depending on what your specific use is, we would recommend the 2m awning if you don't want an overhang.
Answer by Front Runner
Will this awning work with my Slimline 2 and Expedition Raill for Land Rover LR4? And do I need awning brackets?
Question by Mathias Sunghoon Chung
We recommend the 2 meter awning (SKU: TENT043) for your application and rack size. The 2.5 meter would technically work but the awning would overhang both the front and rear of the rack. Yes, you will need awning brackets to mount either (SKU: RRAC029).
Answer by Front Runner
I purchased a Slim Line rack for my GX470, I ordered this awning. Is this awning too large for my rack / vehicle?
Question by Mike Soful
The Easy-Out Awning / 2.5M (TENT036) is absolutely mountable to the Slimline II Roof Rack (KRLE004T) for your GX470. The awning will over-extend the Roof Rack by around 10.5 inches - this is mechanically sound and perfect for a little extra shade and cover.
Answer by Front Runner
If I have a slimline 2 that is only 1560mm can this still be mounted on it?
Question by Alex
We would rather recommend a 2.0m awning, TENT043, as the overhang of the 2.5m awning fitted on the 1560mm rack is too long.
Answer by Front Runner
What mounts do I need to install this awning to the original Land Rover Discovery 2 load bars gutter mount?
Question by Marcel VLEK
Retractable awnings don't usually work with any load bars. You'd like to have to great very creative with some sort of fabricated bracket that could support all the weight - especially in windy conditions.
Answer by Front Runner
How much does the awning weigh?
Question by Ken
Our 2.5m Easy Out Awning weighs 13.5kg.
Answer by Front Runner
Our son sent us an Easy-Out awning...There are no installation instructions included. Any help?
Question by Mary
This awning is a universal fit, so each application will be a little different. It would be best to give us a call about what you are trying to install it on, we can help you out. Thanks!
Answer by Front Runner

Customer Reviews

Works Great! Review by Bill
I mounted the 2.5M awning using the Easy Out awning brackets and a custom mount I made for the Thule load bars on my home made trailer. The awning is mounted 8' off the ground, so I was concerned about the front poles being too short or not enough articulation in the side supports. It worked out great and the front legs were not an issue. We just put the awning through about 800 miles of freeway speeds plus about 50 miles of mild off roading. Nothing appears worse for the wear. I put the awning up at two camp sites with no difficulty and left it up for three nights, one of which was windy enough that I was worried about blowing apart but it stayed secure with zero issues. I did have the guy lines secure and made sure all connections were tight. Deploying it and packing it back up takes a little practice but we tried it at the house a few times before the trip so it was easy once we were familiar with it. If it was mounted on a lower vehicle, it would be fairly easy to do alone, but with our set up I felt like it stressed the side bars too much if I did it without my wife's help. I thought getting it back into the sleeve might be a challenge, but it is generously sized and even stores the lines and stakes with no prob. I ran the zippers all the way to the rear to avoid any opening during transit, and connected them with a small carabiner just to be safe. I am going to make a more durable sock for the front of it because this thing is going to see thousands of miles and I don't want to ruin the case while traveling. Overall, a very thoughtful design that is well-executed and appropriately priced. Thanks Front Runner! (Posted on 05/06/2017)

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