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Wolf Pack - by Front Runner

Wolf Pack - by Front Runner

MSRP $48.00
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Product Code: SBOX008

Stop messing around with temporary cargo carrying solutions. Get down to business with these clip-to-close, stackable and durable storage containers. Front Runner Wolf Packs can be used alone or as components for Front Runner Wolf Pack Drawer Systems, Front Runner Transit Bags, and Front Runner Flat Packs.

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These plastic, workable sized storage boxes are easy to arrange in a cargo bed and vertical-sided to avoid wasted space. They stack securely for convenient storage in your vehicle thanks to the lids fitting neatly into the base of the box above it.

  • Made from black, high strength plastic.
  • Integrated grips for easy carrying.
  • Versatile. Use in the cargo bed, truck/boot, or on your roof rack.
  • Suitable for exterior storage.
  • Wolf Packs form the heart of many Front Runner storage systems. The Front Runner Transit Bags hold 2-3 Wolf Packs depending on Transit Bag size and Wolf Pack configuration. Front Runner Wolf Pack Drawer Systems provide a comprehensive and practical vehicle storage solutions.
  • For a padded storage solution, line the Wolf Pack with a Flat Pack to protect camera gear, kitchenware and other fragile items.
  • Use in conjunction with Stratchits as well as Black Tie Down Rings for a safe and secure roof rack storage solution.
Materials used:
Black high density polyethelene (HDPE) plastic

Product Dimensions:
510mm (20.1") L x 400mm (15.8") W x 230mm (9.1") H

Internal Dimensions:
450mm (17.7") L x 340mm (13.4") W x 205mm (8.1") H

3.00kg (6.6lbs)

Product Questions

Can the wolf pack storage boxes be used on all roof racks?
Question by David
The Wolf Packs can be used inside or outside the vehicle as long as the box is secured properly. Front Runner offers Corner Brackets (SKU: RRAC030) to help secure the boxes to the Roof Rack but only supports Front Runner Racks.
Answer by Front Runner
Do the Cub packs stack neatly inside the Wolf Pack? I like the size of the Wolf Pack but would also love to subdivide it for even more organization.
Question by Matt
One single Cub Pack will fit inside a Wolf Pack, but it would take up most of the volume and only decrease usability. We do offer the Flat Pack (SBOX009) which is designed to fit inside the Wolf Pack and provide an adjustable divider!
Answer by Front Runner
How could these be locked/secured? Would they be correct size to ship via airlines?
Question by Larry Rockwell
Wolf Paks can be secured in a number of ways depending on how they are situated in your vehicle. They come with sturdy clasps that keep the lid on tight but are not lockable. While they are certainly strong enough to be shipped via an airline, we recommend contacting the airline for specific information.
Answer by Front Runner
Will the plastic break down in UV light?
Question by Jeremiah Curry
We have had no issues with the plastic breaking down with UV light on our Wolf Pack Boxes (SBOX008).
Answer by Front Runner
What is the height for a stack of two? I know the overall height is 9.1", but it looks like there is a little recess.
Question by Gary Griffin
The height of the Wolf Packs when stacked is 18 inches.
Answer by Front Runner
Is your Wolf Pack strong enough to be tied down tight with ratchet straps or will it collapse?
Question by James
Our Wolf Boxes are double walled and strong enough to be mounted securely with any type of ratchet strap.
Answer by Front Runner
Does it have holes or is it water tight???

Looks great for my river raft if it has no holes
Question by Pete
Our Wolf Pack boxes have 2 small holes on the bottom. The containers are not water proof, but do a good job keeping water out, if the water is coming from above.
Answer by Front Runner
What are the exterior dimensions measured from the bottom? It looks like they may be tapered and am wondering if the bottom dimensions are slightly smaller than the top dimensions. I have a rack that is 5" deep and would also like the dimensions measured 5" from the bottom. Thanks!
Question by Brian
Hey Brian,

The Wolf pack is 20" x15.5" if we measure 5" from the bottom of the container. The entire container is consistent with these measurements all the way to the top, with exception of a few tenths when the lid is on.

I hope this helps.
Bryan Rush
Answer by Front Runner
is there any way to mount it? if so what is the best way?
Question by nate

There are no mounting points on the bottom of our wolf packs, but most people use our Universal Corner brackets (RRAC030) with our Wolf Packs to secure them to your vehicle while traveling.

Answer by Front Runner
What is the height of two wolf packs stacked on top of each other? And are the wolf packs and cub packs stackable together?
Question by Michael
Two wolf packs stacked would be 18" tall. The cub packs will not "nest" on top of the wolf packs, but fit perfectly inside for easy storage.
Answer by Front Runner
Are the Wolf Pack Dust and Water Proof?
Question by David Mouton

The boxes are not waterproof because they have two small holes on the bottom side. They do a great job at keeping water and other elements out. Heres a link to a video made on this topic.

Answer by Front Runner
Is the wolfpack storage box lockable?
Question by djack
No, our Wolfpack storage containers are not lockable. Any additional locks would require some sort of custom modification.
Answer by Front Runner
Hello, does the Wolf Pack fit on the JK 5 Door Interior Rack?
If so, how many of them can be put on it side by side?

Thank you.
Question by Pol Clement
Yes our Wolf Pack does fit our Interior Tray. You can fit 3 Wolf Packs side by side.
Answer by Front Runner
Can you sit on the boxes? How much weight can be placed on a single box?
Question by 4runner1988
You can sit on them yes, but the lids will bend and may break if you put too much weight on the center. They are the strongest towards the edge. There is technically no weight rating unfortunately.
Answer by Front Runner
Where are they made?
Question by Dparo
These boxes are manufactured in South Africa.
Answer by Front Runner
Are they waterproof (rain & wind)?
Question by Canard
They do great in the wind and fairly good in the rain, but they are not waterproof no. Here is a link to a video where we did a water test with a hose. Hope this helps!
Answer by Front Runner

Customer Reviews

Bought 2, Gonna buy another! Review by Unlce hosonky
At first when looking at the pictures I thought maybe all my stuff won't fit inside but after receiving the product and putting my fly fishing boots, waders and sling fit perfect! The perfect dimensions I was looking for in a box for my gear and my boots don't get smashed at the top at all. Thanks for making such a great product! (Posted on 5/4/2018)
Worthless Review by Jon doe
You sell roof racks. Why don't you make a storage box that you can put on the roof? The wolf pack is junk! The latches are worthless, and if it rains or if it's dusty everything in the box is destroyed. (Posted on 4/5/2017)
heavy duty, love them! Review by casey
I have 3 of these wolf pack storage boxes and i love them. They withstand the weather pretty well.. we camped in the desert a weekend and the boxes were on top on my roof rack baking in the sun.. they held up great.. we also got hit with a huge storm and it kept my things inside pretty dry even though there are two holes in them. They are a good size and i carry 3.. i just purchased he transit bag to carry these in! Stoked! (Posted on 3/7/2017)
Strong, but weak Review by Xylorhiza
I bought one of these looking for the perfect box for my expeditions to Baja. It's a beefy box, I will admit. But the latches are a joke. Within two day of driving off-road two of the latches were broken, and the roads were not that bad. Also, I wish I had seen the reviews that noted the holes in the bottom. So far this has not been a concern, but frequently I put stuff in boxes that I would like contained if it leaks. Th boxes should be able to contain spill from getting into the rest of the truck. My suggestion, just get the replacement steel latches, and save yourself from having to order later. Oh, I also bought the extended lid. Nice, but it should not be a separate item. (Posted on 2/28/2017)
Nothing special Review by Chase
I got these for obvious reasons. Overall...Its a plastic ox. Yeah they stack nice. Not as rigid as I'd hoped. You couldn't sit on it if you are concerned with whats inside. Plastic tabs work much better than metal tabs sold for them, but you basically have to destroy the hinge to get the plastic ones out, and the metal ones don't close it very tight. I still think Frontrunner products are usually top shelf. I guess my expectations were lofty, but 40$+5$ for metal tabs+shipping is a lot for a plastic box. (Posted on 12/13/2016)
I purchased a set of three Wolf packs and liners, a couple weeks ago, to use for storage of equipment as I travel to a new work project. I wish I had purchased an additional 3 sets, which I will have to wait until I am at next location.These are fantastic boxes for what I am going to use them for, I am very pleased with my purchase !!! These boxes stack and fit nicely within my FJ Cruiser, will compliment my camp gear, and are super handy. It is my intention to purchase many more of these great pack boxes. I keep seeing potential uses. "Thank you", to those whom suggested these "WOLF PACKS" on the different adventure and expedition websites and forums. (Posted on 12/8/2014)

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