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Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Slimline II Roof Rack Kit - by Front Runner

Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Slimline II Roof Rack Kit - by Front Runner

MSRP $1,471.00
to the lower 48 states*
Product Code: KRTL020L
This 2166mm/85.3" long full-size Slimline II cargo carrying roof rack kit for the Toyota Land Cruiser 80 contains Slimline II Tray and Wind Deflector, as well as 6 Gutter Mount legs for mounting the Tray to the vehicle. It installs easily with no drilling required.
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All Front Runner Rack Kits contain installation instructions as well as all the components needed to mount the Slimline II Tray to your vehicle.

All Front Runner Racks are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty*

KRTL020L - Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Slimline II Roof Rack Kit - by Front Runner

Consisting of:

1 x LASD103 - No 3 Leg Diagonal 155mm (Pair) - by Front Runner
2 x LASS102 - No 2 Leg 130mm (Pair) - by Front Runner
1 x RRSTG11 - Slimline II Tray - 1345mm(W) X 2166mm(L) - by Front Runner

 Material used:

Black epoxy powder-coated T6 aluminium
3CR12 Stainless Steel

Approximate Installed Weight 32kg (71lbs)

The t-slots on the tops and bottoms of the rack tray slats and edge profiles accommodate standard 8mm bolts.

To determine the approximate height from your vehicle’s roof to the top of your Slimline II Roof Rack, add the height of the Slimline II Tray (50mm/ 2") to the height of the Foot, Grab-on Foot or Strap-On Foot listed above.

If your Slimline II Roof Rack kit uses Legs, add the height of the Slimline II Tray (50mm/ 2") to the height of the Legs to determine the height of the rack from your vehicle’s rain gutters.

If your Slimline II Roof Rack kit uses Foot Rails, add the height of the Slimline II Tray (50mm/ 2") to the height of the Foot Rails to determine the height of the rack from the crown (highest point) of the vehicles roof.

 Shipping Dimensions:

Width 450mm (18")
Length 1615mm (64")
Height 140mm (6")

Shipping Weight:

Weight 37.5kg (82.5lbs)


Product Questions

Do you remove the entire factory rack, side and cross bars on the 80 series Landcruiser to intall this rack?
Question by Tyler
Yes. In order to install your Front Runner Roof Rack (KRTL020L) you will have to remove the full factory roof rack from the vehicle.
Answer by Front Runner
Would I be able to fit my spare tire (33" BFG) on top of this rack with the rooftop tent you guys produce as well?
Question by Parker
It will work but you will need a rack tray that is one slat longer than the traditional LC80 rack we sell as a kit on our webstore. We can put this custom tray together for you, please just give us a call!
Answer by Front Runner
Will the 2.5 meter awning fit properly on this?
Question by Sean Bullock
The 80 Series Land Cruiser rack is 85.4" long, and our 2.5m awning is 98.5" long. Mounting it would not be an issue at all, but you would have about 6" of overhang on each side of the rack when centered.
Answer by Front Runner
How much clearance will I have above the factory roof rack? Will I have to remove the factory cross bars on an 80 series? Thanks for the help!
Question by josh
Yes. You will need to remove your factory roof rails to install. This kit will also be about 7.1" tall from the gutter of your vehicle.
Answer by Front Runner
Hi, I found where it says how to calculate how high the rack sits above the roofline but I'm not sure I understand. I am very limited on clearance due to a 7' garage door opening. I am interested in the low-profile Slimline rack for an 80 series Land Cruiser. Can you tell me how high it will be above the roofline?
Question by Kenny

You would actually measure the height from center of the gutters of your vehicle. It would be approximately 7.25" from the gutter of your vehicle to the top of our rack system.

Let us know if you need any more measurements.
Answer by Front Runner
Is there enough room under this one to fit the table?

Question by Dan
The table will only fit under the tall version of our rack on an 80 Series. You need at least 1.5" of space for a table and the standard rack doesn't have enough clearance. I would check out the tall version.
Answer by Front Runner

Customer Reviews

Well built with a small issue Review by Michael
I purchased this rack for my 1997 FZJ80 Lexus LX450. I would like to start by saying the roof rack came promptly and packaged perfectly. The assembly was straight forward following the instructions provided. After installation, the rack seemed very strong and well designed. The fit and finish of the rack was not perfect at the corners (considering the price), but this was not a show-stopper. At this point, I would rate it 4 stars, but when put in use there was a problem. The wind deflector that came with the rack directed wind flow across the moon roof which caused it to rattle and shake. I contacted Front Runner and was told to take photos of the placement on the roof and I did. After speaking with the company representative, he advised that I needed to move the rack forward and I did. After advising him that it did not help, I never received another response from him or any help. Any roof rack purchased will increase wind noise, but the wind deflector sold with this rack is not sufficient. I have purchased several different products and accessories from Front Runner and have been very pleased as with this rack for its durability and design. The purpose of my review is to let a potential buyer know about the problems I had with this rack. This issue should not be a problem with FZJ80's that don't have the moon roof. Hope this helps. (Posted on 4/28/2017)
Strong but Loud Review by Harp
I purchased this roof rack for my 1997 FZJ80. The roof rack was easy to assemble, but not all of it fit together for a perfect finish. Considering the price, this was of somewhat an issue for me but not a showstopper. Overall, the rack is strong and I was quite pleased with the look. Up to this point, I would have rated this product at 4 stars, BUT after driving it down the road I can not rate it above 3 stars. This thing is a whistling banshee on your roof at different speeds and the wind deflector caused the moon roof to vibrate and rattle due to the wind being deflected. I called Front Runner and they requested photos of the placement which I sent and suggested moving it forward. After doing this and sending the bad results, the representative stop communicating with me. Any roof rack that you place on your top WILL increase wind noise and should be expected. However, beware of the Full Roof Rack and the substandard wind deflector that comes with it. In all other ways this is a superior rack. Hope this helps anyone with questions. (Posted on 4/27/2017)

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