Rack Adaptor Plates For Thule Slotted Load Bars - by Front Runner

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These adaptor plates give you the ability to attach a Thule slotted Load Bar or Aero Bar and Thule Accessories to a Front Runner Roof Rack.

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These adaptor plates give you the ability to attach 2 Thule slotted Load Bars or Aero Bars to a Front Runner Slimline II Roof Rack. 
If you currently own Thule Accessories and would like to use them with a Front Runner Slimline II Roof Rack, you can use your Thule load bars or Aero Bars to mount your accessories (e.g. Bike Mounts or Kayak mounts) to the rack.
Works with both the SLOTTED-SQUARE and AERO Thule Load Bars.  This adapter plate DOES NOT work with the Thule rectangular load bars that do not have slots (ie. the basic Thule load bar found in the USA.)  
3CR12 stainless steel.
Black powder coated.
Mounts onto individual slats via the T-slot system.
T-slot bolts included.
Pre-cut fitment holes.
Works with:
Both the SLOTTED SQUARE and AERO Thule Load Bars.
Materials used:
2.5mm (0.098") 3CR12 stainless steel, supplied with mountings for Aero and Square Bar
Consists of:
4 x Thule Load Bar adaptors and a nuts and bolts kit
Product Dimensions:
L 285mm (11.22") x W 205mm (8.07") x H 55mm (2.16")
2kg (4.4lbs)

*A PDF viewer is required to view the fitting instructions.

Product Questions
If you install a Slimeline II rack on top of an existing set of Thule Aero Bars, does it matter if the adpater are oriented wings up or wings down?
Question by: Greg Poelzer
The adaptor plates are designed to be mounted on top of the Slimline II rack and then the Thule bars on top of the rack (on the adaptor plates) not the other way around. In other words, you need to have the Slimline II rack mounted directly on your vehicle and then if you want Thule bars, use these plates to mount them to the Slimline II rack.
Answer by: Front Runner
What are the dimensions width x length of the two feet section squares and the widith x length of the centre section square?
Question by: Greg Poelzer
The dimensions for the two wing sections that bolt to the rack are 3 inches wide x 3.5 inches long. The dimensions for the raised center piece is 3 inches wide x 4 5/16 long. It's important to note that these will only work on the Slimline II rack.
Answer by: Front Runner
What do I need in order to mount a Thule Roof Box. I'm replacing the factory roof rack with crossbar with Frontrunner slimline ii roof rack.
Question by: Alfred Chin
The clamps that come with your Thule Roof Box should be able to clamp to our Slimline 2 Slats. Make sure the width of the brackets are 3 5/8 inches or longer to fit around our slats.
Answer by: Front Runner
are these need to fit a thule 7326 which has t-bolts to mount to a thule t-slot?
Question by: adam le
You will not need the Rack Adapter Plates (RRAC017). All you will need to mount the Thule 7326 is the correct hardware to adapt to the Front Runner T slot on the Rack. For further information please give us a call.
Answer by: Front Runner
How tall are the black steel in these brackets (without the silver parts)? is the bracket flush with the top of a slimline II?
Question by: Jacob Conroy
Yes, the mount will sit pretty flush with the rack. It is also about an inch in height above the SLII slat.
Answer by: Front Runner
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