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Stratchits - by Front Runner

Stratchits - by Front Runner

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Product Code: STRA034
Revolutionize the way you secure loads to your vehicle. The Stratchit is the ultimate tie down with stretchy ratcheting performance in a lightweight, durable strap. These new and improved Stratchits feature a Velcro tab for strap discipline and larger stainless steel carabiners. Stratchits have all the benefits of a compact ratchet strap and bungee cord combined. Sold in pairs.
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Cinch down loads simply and effectively so you don't have to worry about gear rattling loose on bumpy roads.

  • Adjustable from 22” (560mm) to 63” (1524mm) and with an additional 8” (203mm) when fully stretched.
  • Won’t damage your expensive gear like surfboards through over tightening.
  • Stratchits absorb tension like a stretchy ratchet strap.
  • Quick and efficient. Simply secure the ends and hand tighten the strap.
  • Fastens to, and around, just about anything.
  • Perfect for Front Runner Racks and accessories, but work with all roof rack systems.
  • Many uses! Secure: Wolf Pack, Cub Pack and other cases (Pelican, Zargas, Alu-box, etc.) to any roof rack.
  • Secure: Surfboards, SUP, bicycles, firewood, chairs, etc.
  • Keep your rack clean and organized with the cinching hook and loop strap that neatly stows away excess strap length.
  • Sold in pairs.

Hook to the Front Runner Roof Rack Tie Down Ring or loop around the slats or side profiles and fasten the Stratchit to itself.

You can even remove the carabiner and loop the Stratchit through itself - to fasten around any roof rack rail, railing, pole, bumper, tire carrier.... etc.

Please read and follow all these warnings carefully -- failure to do so could result in cargo damage and could cause injury.

Do not over tighten. Use only hand leverage.

Never stand in the direct path of the Stratchit when tensioning to prevent the risk of injury should the strap become detached.

Loads settle. Check Stratchit after first 10 miles of driving and each 50 miles thereafter.

User to evaluate working load and requirements. DO NOT use to support human weight under any circumstance.

Check the Stratchit regularly for signs of deterioration or damage.

To ensure longevity, please remove the Stratchit from the sun and weather elements when not in use.

Make sure that the points of attachment to the vehicle or trailer are of sufficient strength to withstand the maximum loading that will be produced during use.

Take additional care if securing large objects that may be subject to aerodynamic lifting forces caused by bumps. Always use the appropriate number of straps and drive at reduced speeds to minimize the effects of these forces.

Sold in PAIRS

Adjustable from 22" (560mm) to 63" (1524mm) from the hook end of the carabiners. With up to an additional 8” of length when stretched.

Working Load Rating 220 lbs (100kg)

Product Questions

what's the material and the dimension of the stratchits.
Question by Candy
Hi! The webbing on the Stratchit is a durable Polyester and the internal bungee material is latex. They are incredibly versatile adjusting from 22" (560mm) to 60" (1524mm). Each strap rated at 300 lbs (136kg).
Answer by Front Runner
Is the price per strap or for a pair?
Question by Larry Rockwell
Hi! The Stratchits are sold in pairs so the price is per pair. Thank you!
Answer by Front Runner
Is there a video showing how these Stratchits work?
Question by Rico
Not at this time, but this is a great idea. We will try to get one up soon!
Answer by Front Runner

Customer Reviews

Love these, however Review by aaen
Great strap for securing down item on the roof rack, etc. However i have noticed that they tend to come loose fairly easily when on the road. Seems the buckle allows the material of the strap to slip through occasionally. Something to be aware of when using them and as noted on the tags, check your straps frequently. (Posted on 4/29/2018)
Yo Whats up? Review by SouthSeaSwell
These things are the bomb. I went from load bars and surf straps to a front runner with pads, rings, and Stratchits. These things are the bomb. Expectation exceeded. (Posted on 12/24/2017)
Good straps, need larger carabiner Review by Patrick
These straps are a great length for a roof rack and various other needs. However, they need a larger carabiner to be more universally useful. (Posted on 11/1/2017)
BEST THING Review by casey
i used to use actualy ratchet straps for all my tie down needs but once i got a hold of some of these stratchits there was no going back... they are just so eaasy to use without all the cranking.. click in each and and just pull the other endd tight.. i have 3 sets of these.. we use them on the roof rack.. in the back to hold down our coolers... even carry fire wood.. the uses are endless! (Posted on 3/7/2017)
A reliable, versatile strap Review by Max
I use these all of the time in my 4Runner. 2 hold my dog kennel, one holds my recovery Wolf Pack, one holds my cooler. They are very useful and can be used in many applications. After submitting this, I am buying another pair. I highly recommend them. (Posted on 11/4/2016)
many uses Review by Bo
I bought a pair of these and found out that these stretchy tie downs are useful for more than just your expedition rack. That's why I bought a couple more! I have a couple of these in my truck and my other cars just in case - used them on a xmas tree to get from the lot to my house, used them as an improvised dog leash. And then there was the time we used them to carry bundles of firewood.... (Posted on 8/26/2015)

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