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Protect your SUV or truck with our collection of “Protection and Trims” accessories. At Front Runner, we offer accessories that protect your undercarriage and the body of your vehicle when you are taking the unbeaten path on an adventure.

Fit the Land Rover Defender Sump Guard and protect your sump and other ancillaries when taking the road rarely traveled on your next trip. Protect your fender against unnecessary dents and scratches with a Fender Protector and take on any road with confidence.

Deflect branches away from your windscreen with the simple yet ingenious Branch Deflectors from Front Runner. No more branch dodging is needed when driving through thick bushes or dense greenery and it easily attaches to your roof rack and bull bar.

Outfit your vehicle with premium-grade accessories provided by Front Runner, like the sump guard or fender protector.

We are committed to protecting your truck or SUV with accessories that are high-quality, durable, and fit perfectly, giving you peace of mind when out and about.