Recovery Device Flat Mounting Kit - by Front Runner

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Secure 1 to 2 pairs of MaxTrax, Tred Pro and other popular brands of recovery devices flush to a Front Runner Rack with this off-road tough mounting kit.

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  • Built off-road
  • Fasten the recovery devices to the Slimline II Rack top or bottom (if space permits) using the t-slot system and included Black Tie Down Rings.
  • Mounts off of the front or rear Combined Slat of a Front Runner Rack.
  • Includes 2 lengths of stainless steel fasteners to allow fitment of either 1 or 2 pairs of recovery tracks.
  • Add Stratchits (Sold Separately) to secure other gear on top of the recovery device(s).
Consists of:
2 x 100mm Bolts
2 x 70mm Bolts
2 x 45mm Bolts
4 x Eye Nuts
12 x Washers

Materials used:
Stainless steel

Product Dimensions:
70mm (2.8") H (for 1 pair of Maxtrax)
100mm (3.9") H (for 2 pairs of MaxTrax)

500g (17.6oz)

*A PDF viewer is required to view the fitting instructions.

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Product Questions
Will the Recovery Device Flat Mounting Kit work if the MaxTrax are oriented across the bars instead of inline with the bars (as in the pictures)?
Question by: Daniel
Being that the Slimline II tray has alternating cross members, placing the MaxTrax vertically will not work because the mounting holes in the MaxTrax will not line up properly with the T-channels in our cross members.
Answer by: Front Runner
Do you have any suggestions on locking these? Just trying to keep honest people honest.
Question by: Corey Oliver
You can swap out the provided eyenuts with standard lock nuts. That would mean the not so honest person would need tools and a bit of time to remove the rescue trax. If they need them that bad, you should probably let them have them, because they must really be stuck and in trouble!
Answer by: Front Runner
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