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- August 02, 2022

Anglers are unashamed gearheads. Usually, they are discerning collectors of all manner of gear and gadgets. After all, it is part of the game and a big part of what so many love about the pastime. A ‘good’ fishing session requires a lot more than simply ‘walking down to the water with a rod over your shoulder’ - you need smart, efficient items to transport your gear and then make the most of the precious time you have on the water. Here’s a list of items to help you do that:

© Corey Wolfenbarger

1. Roof rack​

Regardless of what vehicle you drive you always need more space for your tackle. Fishing gear comes in all shapes and sizes and a Front Runner Slimsport Roof Rack is a versatile option for a range of vehicles. This roof rack was designed for activity-focused drivers – such as anglers – who do not require an expedition-grade build. Its sleek, lightweight design makes it fuel-efficient for those longer trips to the secret fishing spot, and, most importantly, you can gear it up with a wide range of fishing-specific accessories.

© Front Runner

2. Fishing rod rack mounting solution​

Transporting fishing rods safely and securely is the bugbear of all anglers. Front Runner’s Pro Ski, Snowboard & Fishing Rod Carrier features two alligator-grip style rubber grippers. These cleverly designed grippers close snugly around rods of various circumferences, without harming or scratching the carbon fiber of the rods. If you’re transporting your rods broken down and in their tubes, then Front Runner’s Ratcheting Spade/Shovel & Paddle Mount is also great addition to your rack. It mounts to the side of your roof rack and features ratcheting straps that adjust to fit various circumferences, offering a sturdy, rattle-free, storage solution not only for your rod tubes but canoe paddles too.

© Craig Kolesky

3. Drawer system ​

While a roof rack is great for carrying rods, bulky gear, and the weirdly shaped tackle anglers need, an internal drawer system is invaluable for maximizing space inside your vehicle. Whether in the back of an SUV or the load bay of a pick-up, a drawer system allows you to organize and store smaller gadgets and fishing kit, such as reels and tackle boxes. It makes for convenient access when tackling up for your fishing session, but also allows you to securely lock away valuable items for those long hours when you’ve got a line in the water and have to leave your vehicle parked somewhere remote. Front Runner produces specially designed lockable drawers for a wide range of vehicles, all featuring high strength bearing slides which allow each drawer to extend nearly 100% from the anchored base. To take your drawer organization system to the next level, add the optional steel Drawer Dividers

© Craig Rhodes-Harrison

4. Box clever​

For an angler, there are few things worse than getting down to a fishing spot and then having to rummage around for odd bits of gear to get tackled up. You want to be as fast and efficient as possible, and a well-organized load box (or three) is the way to go. Front Runner’s Wolf Pack Pro is a storage box solution with various features anglers would love - it is water and dustproof, securely latches onto Front Runner roof racks, and is stackable. For fragile gear such as reels and cameras, lining the Wolf Pack Pro with Front Runner’s Storage Box Foam Dividers provides extra protection, as well as giving you added organization options for smaller items.​

© Craig Kolesky

5. Lights​

Any salted angler will tell you that the best time to catch fish is during the golden hours around sunrise and sunset. The true gurus usually fish deep into the night… to make the most of those low-light sessions you want smart, efficient lighting. A high-quality light bar – such as Front Runner’s 40” LED Light Bar – is a versatile tool for driving tricky off-road trails to remote fishing spots at night (check your local regulations) and for tackling up. It mounts easily to your roof rack and features an integrated driver and thermal management system, which regulates the temperature of the 40 LEDs, eliminating the risk of overheating.

© Craig Kolesky

6. Rack Mount Bottle Opener​

Toasting a good day on the water with a cold beverage is one of the joys of fishing. With Front Runner’s Rack Mounted Bottle Opener you never have to hassle with trying to pop-off bottle caps with the handle of your fishing pliers (or worse!) ever again. It mounts easily to either side of your roof rack and, aside from its amazing convenience, is bound to draw many ‘I need one of those,’ comments from your impressed mates.

© Craig Kolesky

​7. Table and Expander chair​

If bait-fishing is your game, then you’re going to be spending a lot of time sitting down. Lugging a big, ungainly chair to a fishing spot is a no-go and many anglers forego comfort for something easy to transport. With Front Runner’s Expander Chair there is no need to compromise. This super comfortable camping-style chair features a telescopic design that allows it to fold into the size of a laptop case, making it easy to carry (and store in your vehicle). It also has a cup holder and various utility pockets for the storage of smaller tackle items.