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  • CHECKLIST TUESDAY: 7 Surprisingly-necessary Pieces of Gear You Never Knew You Always Needed

    - January 17 2022

    The basics of storage and shelter are a given, but chat to any experienced overlander and they’ll tell you it’s the small conveniences that make packing, travel and camping even better. Here are just a few things off the ‘game changer’ list of our collaborators. © Craig Kolesky 1. Box Braai There is just something about a fire that adds atmosphere... [Read More]


    - January 13 2022

    Is it really a camp without a fire? A campfire just adds that little extra wilderness vibe. It’s not always possible, safe or legal to make fire on the ground though, so the convenient and easy-to-use Box Braai is the answer. It keeps the flame safely off the ground and doubles as a grill on which to cook or a firepit for vibe (and warmth). Constructed... [Read More]

  • Front Runner On The Move: Bartek Kolaczkowski

    - January 6 2022

    Bartek Kolaczkowski is a professional automotive and travel photographer based in Warsaw, Poland. Bartek loves to travel, and the discovery of new places inspires him in his work every day. Bartek had a busy 2021, clocking over 30,000 km in his Land Rover Discovery 2 and over 5,000 km in his Land Rover Defender 90. “Our trip through the Balkans was the... [Read More]

  • CHECKLIST TUESDAY: 5 Overlanding trends to watch for in 2022​

    - December 30 2021

    For many, 2021 was something of a year in-limbo. Businesses and people (particularly in the leisure and travel industries) were trying to come to grips with adjustments and innovations required to not only survive but thrive with certain restrictions in place. We’ve peered deep into our crystal ball and have a handful of travel and overlanding trends we... [Read More]


    - December 22 2021

    As we look into the new year and start plotting out leave days, travel schedules and epic destinations, we thought it a good idea to ground our plans in some ‘real’ resolutions. We believe these are bound to enrich your travel experiences of 2022. Anything to add to the list? © Adrian Van Water 1. 6 Tips To Take Your Travel Photography To The Next... [Read More]

  • Our year of adventures

    - December 10 2021

    They say that to have an idea of where you’re going you need to know where you’ve been. It's a philosophical notion to be sure, but if you think about it, it can be applied quite directly to travel too. As things started opening up through 2021 our collaborators took every possible opportunity to empty their tanks and fill their camera cards (and souls)... [Read More]

  • 4X4: 16 Questions with Hanli Prinsloo

    - September 2 2021

    Freediver Hanli Prinsloo is no stranger to exploration. Her underwater adventures have changed her and shaped her life’s mission. She’s broken an impressive 11 freediving records, and when she’s not in the water, she’s working to protect it through her work as a speaker, writer, and ocean conservation foundation named "I Am Water". We took the... [Read More]

  • 4X4: 16 Questions with David Steca

    - July 6 2021

    A Porsche 924 carving through the backroads of Germany with a kayak on top of it isn’t an everyday sight for most of us. But for David Steca, a freelance photographer, videographer, and car enthusiast this is the culmination of his favorite things. We sat down with David to learn more about what he does and how deep his obsession with 924’s runs. Best... [Read More]

  • 4X4: 16 Questions with Connor Koch

    - May 6 2021

    Connor Koch bucked convention. He made, what could be considered, a difficult choice and turned a cold shoulder to the mundane and dedicated his life to adventure. And challenge. After climbing all fifty-eight 14,000-ft peaks in Colorado he turned his attention to new climbing endeavors, to new personal pursuits, and to Finding his Anywhere. Best thing... [Read More]

  • 4X4: 16 Questions with Frank Solomon and Sacha Specker

    - March 8 2021

    We sat down in the sand with big-wave surfer Frank Solomon and renowned surf photographer Sacha Specker to get the lowdown on how they Find their Anywhere – usually in a barrel on a remote stretch of South African coast – as well as their favorite gear, breaks, and stories from the road. What’s the best thing you guys have seen from the water? Frank... [Read More]

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