Double Jerry Can Holder - by Front Runner

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The Front Runner jerry can holders offer a smart no rattle no wear solution.​

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Since many of today's new jerry cans vary ever so slightly in size (due to manufacturing discrepancies), most fuel can mounting systems fail to secure the cans properly. There is often wiggle room between the carrier and the can, and that gap, however slight, causes rattle and wear. What's the point in strapping down your cans if they aren't truly secure? The Front Runner jerry can holders offer a smart no rattle no wear solution.
  • The adjustable locking steel clasp means your cans can be secured firmly in place over a lifetime of off-road abuse.
  • The new bolt on top strap means provides greater convenience when removing the jerry can.
  • For use with 20l / 5.3 gallon NATO/Wedco style military cans. Will not work with Scepter style cans.
  • The steel strap downs cover the jerry can cap.
  • Add your own padlock and you'll never have to worry about stolen fuel while on the road.
  • Made of black powder coated 3CR12 stainless steel and is designed to easily bolt to the Front Runner Roof Racks using the flat slotted slats in the rack.
  • No drilling required.

*Jerry Cans not included.

Consists of:
1x Jerry can holder base
2x Strap
2x Latch
2x Latch catch
Bolt kit

Material used:
Black powder coated 3CR12 stainless steel
Product Dimensions:
Overall Dimensions:
480mm (18.9") L x 335mm (13.2) W x 345mm (13.6") H

Base Dimensions:
480mm (18.9") L X 335mm (13.2") W x 50mm (2") H
Latch Buckle Dimensions:
45mm (1.8") W x 185mm (7.3") H

Strap Dimensions:
45mm (1.8") W x 3mm (0.1") Thick

Cross Strap Dimensions:
330mm (13") L x 45mm (1.8") W
4.64kg (10.2lbs)
For use with 20l / 5.3 gallon NATO/Wedco style military cans. Will not work with Scepter style cans.

*A PDF viewer is required to view the fitting instructions.

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Product Questions
Will this work with the Wavian 5 gallon water can?
Question by: Ken
We have not tested the mounts with this specific tank but our holders were designed for Wavian fuel tanks. In comparing the dimensions on the Wavian website shows that they are very close in dimension.
Answer by: Front Runner
Will this tray work with Scepter Military Water and Fuel Cans?
Question by: Ryan Lepper
Our Double Jerry Can Holder was designed to work with the NATO/Wedco style military cans. It will not work with Scepter style cans.
Answer by: Front Runner
I'd like to mount the tray vertically to an existing box. Will the straps support 2 full cans in this position? Thank you.
Question by: Christy Kintzel
The holder was specifically designed to be mounted in a horizontal position. We have not tried or tested a vertical mount.
Answer by: Front Runner
Where is this product manufactured?
Question by: Bernie O'Brien
Our Double Jerry Can holders are Manufactured By Front Runner in South Africa.
Answer by: Front Runner
Can I carry one can at a time or do i need to always have two in holder?
Question by: JS
It's either 2 cans or nothing with these holders.
Answer by: Front Runner
Can I use the Double Jerry Can Holder with just one jerry can ftted and travel like that?
Question by: Willie
A single Jerry Can will not fit firmly in the Double Jerry Can holder and will not be safe to use.
Answer by: Front Runner
I'd prefer to mount this unit sideways at the rear of my frontrunner rack to accommodate my roof top tent. Is this possible-are there any issues with this?
Question by: John Bryant
Yes. You can mount the Double Jerry Can Holder (JCHO004) sideways you will just need to order Inter-Slat Bracket (RRAC034) to do so. For further information please feel free to give us a call.
Answer by: Front Runner
Could I carry 20L fuel can and 1 of your 20L water cans at the same time in your two-can mount! Thanks!
Question by: Thatch
Yes. Both the Water Jerry Can (WTAN002) and Fuel Jerry Cans (JCFU009)(JCFU010) can be carried together in our Double Jerry Can Holder (JCHO004) .
Answer by: Front Runner
Description refers to rattle free... will Jerry Cans with Protector Kit fit in the Can Holder?
Question by: Jean-Marc Demers
Yes, The jerry cans will fit in the jerry can holder with the protector kit on.
Answer by: Front Runner
I am trying to install this on a Yakima style basket. You mentioned it has "mounting point" in another question that was posted but I have yet to see where these mounting points are. I received this item yesterday and its becoming a pain in the rear to get this thing mounted properly.
Question by: harley
The base has five mounting holes. One in each corner, and one in the center of the base. You can see the mounting locations in the product photos, but we recommend looking at the installation instructions for a better understanding of the mounting locations. [email protected]
Answer by: Front Runner
will this work with a Jeep JK gobi rack ? thanks
Question by: JD
The Double Jerry Can Holder design works best with our Front Runner Racks but it is universal with different mounting points. Mounting it to a Gobi rack may require slight modification.
Answer by: Front Runner
I have a GOBI rack, what are the slight modifications that are required to fit my rack? I am looking at installing two, double Gerry Can holders if possible. Thanks in advance!
Question by: Brad
The Jerry Can holder has 4 mounting points on the bottom. It will work with your GOBI rack but you may need to get some custom hardware from a local hardware store to mount.
Answer by: Front Runner
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